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Google Instant App

Most Android users  have by now seen their Android smartphone automatically updating the Instant App without any prior notice.

What exactly is this instant app? Is it a virus?

I said virus because that was the first thought that came to my mind, after witnessing two automatic updates of the instant app without my permission.

Well the Instant App is not a virus and it’s directly from Google the Android OS providers.

Google instant app is here to make Android app usuage much more easier.

The instant app was first announced at the  Google I/0 event 2016

Gone are the days when you will have to download an app to use just one feature.

Google Instant App allows you to use certain features in an application without downloading it to your Android smartphone.

How is this possible, well the Google instant app when installed and fully functional, you could just go to the Google play store and click open on the app of your choice and use without having to downloading it.

Also Google instant app allows you to jump to a specific activity within an app you have not installed simply by tapping a specific url.

This way Android users won’t need to store apps that do not perform a whole lot or apps that you require a specific function amongst it’s arsenal of functions.
And also you will be able to send the url of a part of your game to your friend to allow him help you crossing a particular stage.

Take for example you are faced with a tough stage in your puzzle game, all you need to do is send the url of the particular stage you are playing and your friend will help you  in your puzzle game via that url without having to install the puzzle game.

Though most Android users may already have the Google instant app on their Android devices, they may not be able to access it as Google is in the process of rolling out the functionality to Android Smartphones across the world.

For now only Google Nexus and pixel users can actually use this feature.

Non Google pixel or nexus users can locate the app on their Android smartphones but cannot make use of it.

Google Instant App

Go to settings and the app search for Google instant app, it’s there.

For Google pixel and Nexus users what you have to do to access the instant app is; navigate to to settings- personal- Google and then services, activate and give permission to the instant app and you are on.

The only limitation to this service is the fact that Google has a file limit of 4MB , apps that require rich media may not be compatible. So 3D games won’t be compatible with this instant app Feature for now.

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