WeChat replaced WhatsApp in china | find out why

WhatsApp has risen to become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world if not the most popular.
So of course you may think because WhatsApp may be very popular in your country, it’s the same in other countries. Well you are wrong, WhatsApp isn’t used in China.


In China WeChat is the most used messaging app with about 969 million users as at September.

Why is this?

WhatsApp has some features security IT personnels in China are not friendly with.

WhatsApp features noise socket protocol  which prevents security operatives from gaining access to it’s citizens chat.

After China upgraded it’s firewall, WhatsApp was blocked in China.
Owing to the already mentioned fact.

WeChat doesn’t Feature this noise socket protocol and being the most used messaging app in China after WhatsApp, it easily took over from WhatsApp immediately WhatsApp was banned in September.

WhatsApp isn’t the only social network banned in China, Facebook was also banned in China in 2009.

I know WhatsApp was banned in China, but through VPN I think chinessse citizens can also use WhatsApp.


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