How To Tech Your Home in 2017

Home automation has experienced great improvement due to the increasing number of smart home tech available.

Home automation is the act of making your home responsive with the aid of smart home gadgets.

Home automation goes a long way in making home stay more enjoyable and comfortable.

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In this article I am going to describing some cool home gadgets, in order for you to gain more information on home automation and be able to automate your home.

Let’s get straight into it;

Mesh WiFi

Home automation if you ask me begins with a strong internet connection, so if you ask me I would say the first smart home gadget to install on your journey to home automation is a good WiFi  service.

For WiFi in your smart home, I will suggest you go for the mesh WiFi system and not the router for stronger connectivity.

Your home definitely has different rooms and I know you will need equal amount for internet connectivity in all the rooms.

This is where the mesh WiFi system comes into play. A good example of a mesh WiFi system is the one EERO WiFi delivers.

EERO mesh WiFi

It has one hub that you connect your  modem to and becons that you connect to electric sockets in the rooms needed for stronger network.  One EERO mesh WiFi and one beacon is sold for $249 on amazon.

Smart Tv

Home automation or no home automation, every home has a television set. But a  true tech home has a smart television. A smart Tv allows for special connections not featured on normal TVs.
Smart TV allows internet connection, smart TV supports google chrome cast which allows you to stream videos from YouTube, Google play, netflix, Hulu e.t.c

There are many smart TVs out there from different brands, but my personal favourite is the LG wallpaper 65 inch OLED TV that is as thin as your key.

Lg wallpaper tv

Its pricy though, it costs $8000. There is also a 77 inch version that costs $20,000.

Bluetooth Transmitter

Ever wanted to use Bluetooth headphones with your tv? Well your prayers have been answered.

Avantree Bluetooth transmitter allows you to use Bluetooth headphones with your Tv.
It connects to the audio of your TV and creates a secured Bluetooth connection with your Bluetooth headphones and your TV.

Avantree Bluetooth transmitter

You can connect up to 2 Bluetooth headphones to your TV. Headphones must support low latency mode. The Avantree Bluetooth transmitter costs $49 on amazon.

A Smart Hub

A smart hub is the back bone of all the smart home tech found in a home. All smart home gadgets are connected to it.
Smart hubs like the samsung smartthings have an app that allows you control all the smart home tech connected to it via your smartphone and in the case where the gadgets connected to it supports vioce assistants, you can use siri or google assistant to control them with your voice.

Smart Home Speaker 

Speaking of voice assistants, the google home speaker and the amazon echo come in handy and aids home automation.
Instead of having to hold your phone in the case of not so awesome smartphone mic, you could make use of smart home speakers taking data from your smartphones.

The amazon echo when compared to the google home speaker shows higher capabilities, so for the best performance I advice you go for the amazon echo smart home speaker.

Amazon echo

The amazon echo is sold for $100 on amazon and the smaller amazon echo dot is sold for $30 on amazon.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting … Yes you heard it smart lighting. Technology has eneterd lights bulbs and isn’t news any more.

Smart bulbs have apps that work in smartphones, these apps allow you to change the colours with your smartphone and also allows you to turn the lights on and off without having to locate the hardware switches. Smart bulbs could also be controlled using smart home speakers. “Alexa turn on the light” the light turns on, its that easy.

Philips hue bulb

An example of this smart lighting is the Philips hue bulb starter kit. It has a hub and four bulbs. Philips hue bulb starter kit that features 60watt bulbs will cost you $197 on amazon.

Smart security cameras

A smart home deserves a smart security camera that can be operated from a smartphone.

Ring door bell security camera has a two way communication system and it alerts you when somebody is approaching your door.
Recording is triggered as soon as it senses motion.

ring door bell 300x300 - How To Tech Your Home in 2017

You could so include bell surveillance cameras  to add to the stock door bell camera.

The ring  door bell camera alone costs $100.

Another smart security camera you might want to consider is the Vieu Doorbell by Eques. This one is mainly a door monitor.
It has a camera outside of your door and a monitor on the inside.

vieu camera 300x169 - How To Tech Your Home in 2017


vieu monitor 300x169 - How To Tech Your Home in 2017

The amazing thing about the Vieu door bell is the fact that you can chat with people that come to your house when you ate not around as soon they press the suppose door bell disguised as a camera on your door.
It costs $200 on amazon.

Smart blinds

Your window blinds can also be auto-mated.  Blind engine is a device that is connected to the cord of your blind. It can be connected to you smartphone and also to your smart speaker. In the app you can set the blinds to open and close at certain times of the day.

blind engine 300x169 - How To Tech Your Home in 2017

So you could set the blinds engine to open your blinds at 7:00am to contribute to the alartness of your alarm.

OK this article doesn’t contain all the informations on smart home tech, but it offers a guide and an idea on what it means to tech out your home and make it automated. I hope this  article ends up useful to you. Feel free to drop your comments below.

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