The Xiaomi Note Book pro Features An 8th Gen CPU and a Battery That Lasts 10 Hours

Looking for a laptop with an apple Macbook vibe that runs windows and  costs about a thousand dollars?, The xiaomi note book pro may just be your answer.

The xiaomi note book pro questions the relevance of the apple MacBook with a striking resemblance and sufficient hardware specifications at a lower price.

Xiaomi notebook pro

Below is a quick scan of the features of the xiaomi notebook pro;


The xiaomi notebook pro as early stated, bears striking resemblance with the apple MacBook. Taking a look at it’s aluminum body, you may think the xiaomi note book pro is an apple MacBook that is awaiting it’s apple logo.

That’s exactly how the xiaomi notebook pro looks, it was built to look just like the apple MacBook.

The xiaomi notebook pro features an aluminum metal plain  build with no logo on the lid just like other xiaomi laptops.

The xiaomi notebook pro weighs 1.99kg.

On the right side of this laptop there are two 2 USB c ports with no thunderbolt support and an SD card slot.

Xiaomi notebook pro

On the left side of this laptop there are two full size USB ports, a full sized HDMI port and an headphone jack.

Xiaomi notebook pro

Lifting the lid of the xiaomi notebook pro, there is a 15.6 inch IPS display with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 guarded by  gorrilla glass sheet.

This display has a 60Hz refresh rate, it is Bright and has good viewing angles.
60Hz display on a laptop may sound somehow in your ears owing to the fact that razer just released a smartphone with a 120Hz display.
But just like the apple MacBook, the xiaomi notebook pro wasn’t built for gaming, more on that later.

Below it’s 15.6 display is a set of well space backlit keyboard with a key travel of 1.5mm.

Xiaomi notebook pro

Xiaomi notebook pro

The xiaomi notebook pro has a large keypad just like the apple MacBook and on top the keypad on the top right corner is it’s finger print reader.


Moving on to it’s hardware department, the xiaomi notebook pro may be a killer laptop to some and others a regular laptop , depending on what your daily laptop use entails.

The xiaomi notebook pro features a super hyper threaded 8th Gen core i5 8250u CPU with 6MB cache, 8GB  soldered ram, 256 GB Samsung solid state drive (SSD).

There is an option for higher specifications with a higher price tag.

The xiaomi notebook pro also features Nivida MX 150 graphics card which gives 2GB of GDDR5 Video memory based on Pascal architecture.
The Nivida MX 150 graphics card featured on this laptop is supported by Intel’s integrated 620 UHD graphics.

The Nivida MX 150 graphics card featured on this laptop can be compared to the Nivida 940 MX graphics card.

This laptop features Optimus technology which allows applications to switch between it’s Integrated 620 UHD graphics card and the dedicated Nivida MX 150 graphics to save battery.

Speaking of battery, the xiaomi notebook pro features a 60 watt hour battery that will take you about 10hours 40 minutes on steam. That’s 40minutes higher than the battery on the LG gram 15 which held the record for the longest lasting battery previously.

In addition this laptop features Dolby atmos speakers with Harmon Kardon infinity sound system inbuilt.

Ok this laptop isn’t for extreme gaming, it’s for average games and for doing a lot of photoshop and Adobe premiere.

I know $1000 for a laptop that looks just like the apple MacBook is some serious reduced budget laptop, but if you consider the retina display and better processors found on the apple MacBook, you may still want to consider purchasing the MacBook.

But if you are not in for the extremes and a $1000 dollars is just the kind of budget you have for a laptop, the xiaomi notebook pro is a best buy, you won’t regret buying it.

Would I go for the xiaomi notebook pro over the apple MacBook and save some cash?

 From  a tech enthusiast who has never owned a MacBook and doesn’t plan owning any, I would say yes. Your own view may be different. Once again the xiaomi notebook pro is a best buy.


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