6 Cool Gadgets you can buy from Jumia

Being an online retail store, Jumia is flooded with products from different manufacturers and vendors. In this article, we going to be looking at a list of some cool gadgets you can buy from jumia at the moment.

DISCLAIMER: I have not purchased any of the gadgets featured on this list. I made this article based on the details I got from each product under the description tab on jumia. I do not guarantee it will work exactly the way jumia said in their description tab.

1. Whistle Key finder with light and alarm

gadgets on jumia

Misplacing keys to our homes, Offices etc is actually a norm in our day to day lives.
The whistle key finder is a gadget that helps you find your key faster when you misplace it.

How it works: when you are in search of your key, just whistle and the whistle key finder will flash a light and beep nosily until you find it.

  • The whistle key finder costs 750 Naira on Jumia.
  • Click HERE to purchase

2. Biometric fingerprint time attendance machine.

gadgets on jumia

Having issues with dishonest employees who fill wrong attendance data? Do your employees fill in for others that are absent?

This biometric fingerprint print attendance device only allows employees to fill in their resumption time when they log in with they input their fingerprint. There is no cheating this time, employees won’t be able to fill in for others.

All you have to do as an admin is to register your fingerprint as the admin’s own so that you will be able to access the time your employees resumed and be able to set the time limit you want.

This time attendance device has a USB port where you plug your flash drive for data storage.

With this device, you are offered the choice of connecting it directly to electricity or use a power bank or UPS to power it.

  • The biometric time attendance machine costs 11,399 naira on Jumia.
  • Click HERE to purchase

3. Gas leak detector

gadgets on jumia

The gas leak detector sets of an alarm when it detects gas leak. The gas leak detector is able to detect propane, butane , methane gas which are mostly used in our gas cookers.

  • The Gas leak detector costs 3,300 naira on Jumia. 
  • Click HERE to purchase

4. Bluetooth Dongle wireless adapter

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Though Gionee may have developed a version of Xender for laptops, Bluetooth still remains the easiest way to transferring files of small sizes from phone to laptops vice versa.

You may be using a laptop that doesn’t have inbuilt Bluetooth or you have not been able to find the Bluetooth driver for your laptop. This Bluetooth Dongle is here to help.

All you have to do is connect to the USB port on your laptop, the driver installs by itself and Bluetooth is ready for use.

  • This Bluetooth wireless dongle adapter costs 1,509 naira on Jumia.
  • Click HERE  to purchase

5. Google chrome cast

gadgets on jumia

Google chrome cast offers the fastest and easiest way to sharing what’s on your smartphone to your smart TV. All you need to do is plug the chrome cast to the HDMI port of your TV and then cast your smartphone display to your TV screen, NO USB CONNECTION BETWEEN YOR PHONE AND YOUR TV IS NEEDED. You can also cast things from your laptops too, be it windows or Mac.

The Google chrome cast costs 30,000 Naira on Jumia.

Click HERE to make your purchase

6. DJI inspire 2 drone

gadgets on jumia

As a tech enthusiast, a cinematographer or a casual video maker, the essence of a drone cannot be overemphasized.

Drones help in taking over head video clips from the air.

  • The DJI inspire 2 features a 98WH battery and a top speed of 58wh.
  • The DJI inspire 2 costs 2.6 million naira on Jumia.
  • Click HERE to purchase

My list of cool gadgets on Jumia ends here for now. Feel free to add yours by dropping it in the comment section below.


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