Razer Project Linda | Your smartphone becomes your laptop CPU


Smartphone integration with laptops has been among the top tech trends for some time now.

Samsung showcased its Dex dock last year. We have also had the Atrix from Motorola and the continuum from Microsoft.

The idea here is to integrate smartphones into computers in the best possible way.

Razer has actually come close integrating smartphones with laptops in a way that seems to be more suitable than its predecessors.

Razer project Linda concept is an ultra portable laptop design powered by the android based Razer Phone.

Razer project linda

To activate the project Linda, you have to place the Razer smartphone in a slot which is located on the mouse region. Next you have to press a hardware button that causes a USB-C port to extend directly into the Razer phone.

Razer project linda

Razer project linda

The slot the Razer phone is placed into is featured in a 13.3 inch laptop that 0.59 inches thin.

This laptop has a CNC aluminum build. Taking a look at this laptop from a far you may mistake for the Razer blade stealth laptop but taking a close look at it , the project Linda surfaces.

The project Linda laptop features a 13.3 inch quad HD display. Speaking of display, the 120 Hertz display on the Razer phone is projected on the project Linda laptop.

The main idea of the project Linda is to project display of the Razer phone on a screen that is mounted on a laptop build.

The project Linda laptop doesn’t feature a power button. The power button on the Razer phone is used to turn the laptop on as soon as the Razer is fixed in slot. Speaking of things the project Linda laptop doesn’t feature, the project Linda laptop doesn’t feature inbuilt speakers because Razer is confident that the front facing Stereo speakers featured on the Razer phone is more than enough to for the project Linda laptop.

When docked into the project Linda laptop, the display on the Razer phone becomes the mouse pad.

The keyboard on the project Linda laptop features chroma RGB lighting. The project Linda laptop features a USB A port, a USB c port for charging and a headphone jack, a feature that is missing on the Razer phone itself.

Among the features of the project Linda laptop is an inbuilt 53 watt hour battery that is capable of charging the Razer phone 3 times from zero. The project linda laptop also houses 200 gigs of extra storage coupled with the storage of the Razer phone.

At this point you may be asking your self this question; is the Razer phone powerful enough to power the project Linda build?

Well the Razer phone when compared to other smartphones is actually a power horse because of the humongous specs it has, but when the thought of powering a laptop build arises, uncertainty surfaces.

Worthy to note: The Razer phone features 8GB ram , 64GB of storage, a snapdragon 835 processor and a 4000 mah battery. Without neglecting the key feature of the Razer phone, the Razer phone features a 120hz 4k display that makes playing games much smoother just like on the ipad pro.

The Razer phone is more than enough to power the project Linda build for a start.

Whether the project Linda laptop build will go on sale actually depends on the feedback Razer gets from fans after the consumer electronic show.


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