This vivo smartphone has an on screen fingerprint sensor

Vivo onscreen Fingerprint reader

OK we all knew it was coming, I mean on screen fingerprint readers. There have been lot of renders in the past showing smartphones with onscreen Fingerprint readers.

The most recent of them where the renders of the iPhone x , samsung galaxy s8, Samsung galaxy note 8 and the samsung galaxy s9 which is currently receiving lot of renders.

Vivo in collaboration with synaptics has finally brought the wait to an end.

This technology is powered by the clear ID optical sensor developed by synaptics in collaboration with vivo smartphone manufactuing company.Vivo onscreen Fingerprint reader

The fingerprint sensor leaves under the display of your smartphone.

The sensor is able to capture your biometric ID by seeing through the spaces in between the pixels of a 6 inch oled display as displayed at CES.

Vivo onscreen Fingerprint reader

The clear ID sensor is trained to recognize 300 different characteristics of your fingers.

The Fingerprint reader projects only when you pickup your phone, turn it over and when your fingertip hits the target.

Vivo claims the illuminated part of the smartphone display won’t consume battery.
They assured consumers that the smartphones power management is equal to industry standards.

Fingerprint reader under your smartphone display means, No more will smartphones feature a reserved space on the their build, battery size will not be reduced because of Fingerprint reader features and the most important of all, smartphone screens will get longer.

The demo smartphone used to demo this technology doesn’t have a name at the moment, but vivo assures us that this technology will make its way to smartphones around the second quarter of 2017.

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