How infinix hot 6 can become the ultimate mobile cinema

Smartphones featured on infinix ‘Hot’ series have shown little or no disparity between predecessors and successors. The observable differences has over the years being in it’s body design. The infinix Hot 5 actually brought a change with the introduction of dual stero pair of speakers, giving it an edge over its predecessor the infinix hot 4.

The infinix hot 5 was debuted as Africa’s first mobile cinema.

Infinix hot 5

Soon infinix will be releasing the infinix hot 6, how well will the infinix hot 6 be an improvement over the hot 5? In this article I am going to given a description /suggestion to how infinix can make the hot 6 an improvement of the 5, hence making it the ultimate mobile cinema.

Being an improvement of the hot 5, you will conveniently say infinix will have to fix all the limitations the hot 5 had as a mobile cinema.

The word cinema deals with display and sound, so for the infinix hot 6 to be the ultimate mobile cinema, infinix will have to improve the display and the sound of the infinix hot 5 on the infinix hot 6.

Beginning with it’s Display:

18:9 aspect ratio on smartphone display has actually become more of a rule than an exception.
As earlier stated, the word cinema deals with display and sound. Featuring an 18:9 aspect ratio display on the hot 6 will really improve the mobile cinema experience of the infinix hot 5.

The Infinix  hot s3 already features an 18:9 aspect ratio display, so building a smartphone with that kind of display will not be a new thing to Infinix.

Infinix hot s3

The sound

Form the first day I purchased the infinix hot 5 I have been in love with its stero pair of speakers.
It’s stero pair of speakers has really improved my video watching on smartphone.

The infinix hot 5 features a Dirac sound booster. The Dirac sound booster gives the speakers in the infinix hot 5 a surround sound and also strengthens the volume of the sound produced by the hot 5 stero speakers.

After a day of using the stero speakers on the infinix hot 5, I actually noticed the speakers giving some tinny effect when the volume is set at maximum. This tinny effect actually disrupts my mobile cinema experience from time to time, with the fear of the speakers damaging.

Infinix in collaboration with Dirac should set a limiter to prevent the speakers from having the tinny effect as a result of going beyond the volume thresh hold.

The Storage

The infinix hot 5 was manufactured with 16 gigs of internal storage, which is actually small.

The infinix hot 5 was debuted as a mobile cinema. Being a mobile cinema, there is a high tendency that its users will have a lot of clips stored on it and will need a lot storage to harbour this clips.

So for the infinix hot 6 to actually be the ultimate mobile cinema, infinix should at least step up the storage to at least 32 gigs.

OK you might have noticed I didn’t make any suggestions to featuring an amoled display and JBL sound boost on the infinix hot 6. This is because if infinix decide to feature these things on the infinix hot 6, the price of the infinix 6 may sky rocket hence making it expensive for most of their customers to afford.

I love the mobile cinema experience on the infinix hot 5. If infinix decide to go with this plan, the mobile cinema experience on the hot 6 will be much better than that of the hot 5.

Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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