How to read deleted WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp has become one of, if not the popular mobile messenger app with over a billion downloads.
Being a very popular messaging app, WhatsApp keeps sending updates to make the app more suitable for its users.
One of such updates gave users the ability to delete messages after they have been sent to another user.

Though this is a welcome development for many, some people wish this feature never existed.

In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to recover messages after they have been deleted by the user you are chatting with using the WHATS REMOVED APP.

1. Download the WHATS REMOVED APP from the Google play store

how to read deleted whatsapp messages on Android

2. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to grant it permissions on your android smartphone.
Grant these permissions.

3. HOW TO VIEW DELETED WHATSAPP MESSAGES; when a message sent to you is deleted, in order to view it you will need to delete the deleted message notice from your WhatsApp messenger and close the WhatsApp messenger.

Next, you will open the WHATS REMOVED APP and navigate to chats. You will find the deleted message there.

Note: Whats Removed app only supported on Andriod smartphones

how to read deleted whatsapp messages on Android

In reading Whatsapp messages, after the sender has deleted them, the steps provided above should be followed carefully. Follow them carefully and you will be able to read deleted WhatsApp messages.


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