How to transfer contacts |call logs |sms and files automatically from tecno phones to other phones

The greatest problem if not the only problem accompanying switching osmartphones, is transferring text messages, call logs and contacts . Though many people have found a way around it using Google, some people are on willingly or do not have enough data to recover your files from Google cloud.

If you fall in the category of people who is still finding it difficult to move call logs, text messages and contacts between smartphones, The Tecno exclusive transfer app has come to your rescue.

In this article , I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to transfer call logs, text messages, contacts and files between a tecno phone and any other phone.

What you need;

1. Tecno phone
2. ‎Another phone
3. ‎Tecno exclusive Transfer app already installed in your tecno phone

Note: you can also use this method on other phones that doesn’t involve Tecno brands. All you need to do is to install the Tecno exclusive transfer app on the Host phone.


1. Open the Tecno exclusive transfer app

Tecno exclusive transfer app
2. ‎share the Tecno exclusive transfer app to the phone you wish to move the data to.

Tecno exclusive transfer app

3. ‎ in the tecno exclusive app, select old phone on the host phone.
4. ‎on the phone you wish to transfer the data to, click new phone
5. ‎You will be prompted to scan the barcode with the host smartphone the barcode that will appear on the phone you wish to send the data to.

Tecno exclusive transfer app

6. ‎Select the data you want to send and click send

Tecno exclusive transfer app

Thanks for reading this article. I hope the tutorial featured in this article grants answers to the questions you have.


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