The Huawei Mate Rs by Porsche is the most expensive smartphone in the world without a bling factor

If you are not new to Huawei phones, you would probably know by now that the Porsche edition of the huawei mate series represents the highest and the most top notch smartphone Huawei releases every year.
The Huawei Mate Rs Porsche edition is no exception. The Huawei Mate RS is actually a follow up of the P20 pro. Unlike the past years, Huawei didn’t manufacture a standard mate device this year.

As you you have read from the title, the Huawei mate RS by Porsche is the most expensive smartphone in the world WITHOUT A BLING FACTOR.
I emphasize the words “WITHOUT A BLING FACTOR” because the price tags behind most smartphones that have beared the title of the most expensive smartphone in the past is attributed to precious stones and quality leather materials.

The Huawei mate RS Porsche edition is an exception to this occurrence. Instead of precious stones, The price of the mate RS by porsche is attributed to the beastly specs it bears.

When I say beastly specs, I mean specs you won’t find all together in a smartphone at once.

In this article I am going to be outlining the features and specs behind the humongous price of the mate RS by Porsche.

I am excited to share this information with you. So without any much time, let’s jump right into this quick review.

The mate RS features a mixture metal and glass body with a mirror finish.

The mate Rs features a curved 6 inch Amoled Quard HD plus display with a screen resolution of 2880 x 1440.

Huawei mate rs

The Samsung galaxy s9 is perfect example of what the mate RS looks up front, except for the fact that the mate RS has more bezels in the chin.

Okay this might sound disappointing , owing to the fact that you expect the mate RS to be exceptional in all ramifications. This is the only place where you will be disappointed.

As said earlier, the mate RS is an improvement of the p20 pro.
This fact begins to showcase it’s self in the design.

A Notch was actually featured on the iPhone x because they where trying to attain a bezeless display, so they featured a notch to house the array of sensors that power the advance face recognition system.

In a situation were the p2o and p20 pro features a bottom chin and doesn’t feature an equal amount of array of sensors like the iPhone x , there is actually no need for a notch, except of look alike design purposes.

An interview of Porsche by Tom Honeylands reveals that Porsche isn’t a fan of notches, so you are not getting a notch with the mate RS.

The mate RS does away with the fake speaker grills found on the p20 and p20.

Enough of the design of the mate RS, let’s dive into its hardware department;

Let’s begin with the cameras of the mate RS features.

The mate RS features the same camera hardware packed into the P20 pro.

The mate RS features a Tri camera setup on the rear, this setup consists an 8mp telephoto camera with 3X zoom , a 40mp RGB camera for shooting colour photos and a 20MP.

Simply put, the mate RS is every photographers dream.

What actually struck me the most, is the way the cameras on the mate RS tackles low light photos when the low light photos feature is enabled.

  • Below are camera samples of low light photos taken with the mate RS.
Huawei mate RS
                                 Shot On Auto mode
Huawei mate RS
                          Shot on low light photo mode

The pictures on the left frame were taken on auto mode while the ones on the right are taken on low light photo mode.

Moving on to the rest of the hardware specs, the mate RS features a HI-silicon kirin 970 processor, 6GB of ram, a huge 512GB internal storage and a 4000MAH battery.

The HI-kirin 970 processor is capable of powering a self driving car.

Am really impressed with the fact that Huawei was able to feature a huge 4000MAH battery along side the beastly specs of the mate RS. You really appreciate this battery when you remember the fiasco Samsung had with the note 7 when the tried increasing the battery size.


The Huawei mate RS features two finger print readers, one in the display up front and another at the rear just below the TRI camera setup.

Huawei mate rs

The mate RS in box comes with two charging bricks, one with American prongs and the other with European prongs.

Huawei mate rs

The mate RS also comes with a leather case from the box.

Huawei mate rs

The mate RS costs $2,200, making it the most smartphone in the world without a Bling factor.

Should you purchase the mate RS? He’ll yeah. The mate RS is a premium smartphone with premium specs.

But your purchase of the mate RS is hinged on the rhythm of your purse.

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