The MSI GT75 Titan features an Intel Core i9 processor

Intel core i9 processors which posses higher performance when compared to the Intel core i7 processors , found its way into the consumer market January this year, with the release of many custom build PC’s and the official iMac pro which featured a core i9 processor.

The existence of a laptop with a core i9 processor actually sounded like it would never happen and if any laptop were to feature it, the laptop will be super bulky.

Well as you already know, technology and science have actually shown no boundaries in recent times.

The computing giants MSI has released a laptop that features a core i9 processor with six cores. Though the laptop isn’t far from the Acer predator and MSI GT83VR size category, it is far more portable when compared to what a core i9 Laptop would look like back in January when imagined.

The MSI GT75 is the first laptop produced by MSI to feature a core i9 processor.

In this article I am going to be giving a quick review of the specs and features of the all new MSI GT75.

Taking off with the design, the MSI GT75 looks a lot like the MSI GT83VR in a more compact shape , sort off.

Just like the MSI GT83VR, the MSI GT75 features two big exhausts at the back. There are also two LED strips on the Lid.

The MSI GT75 is a big gaming laptop in the most classical sense, measuring up to 2.28-inches (5.79cm) at its thickest point and weighing 10.05 pounds (4.56kg).

Opening the lid of the MSI GT75, you are greeted with 17 inch Full HD 120Hz G-Sync display.

photo-credit Tech Radar

The MSI GT75 features a low profile mechanical RGB keyboard, which MSI is ringing a lot of bells on.
Every key press responds with a distinct click and a discernible amount of physical feedback

If you ask me, the palm rest / Top base, actually has am Asus Rog vibe to it. Am not actually sure why.

Being a beast of a laptop, the MSI GT75 has a lot going for it on the hardware/performance side. It packs serious hardware specs that is aimed at satisfying the over ambitious gamer..

The MSI GT75 features an Intel core i9 processor with six cores.
The MSI GT75 is actually one of the first laptops in the world to emerge with a core i9 processor.

On top of adding more cores to the mix, Intel’s mobile Core i9 chip adds a little more performance through what the company is calling Thermal Velocity Boost. In this mode, users can expect 200 extra megahertz of performance to help them get through taxing workloads.

The MSI GT75 features a nividia GTX 1080 graphics card for smoother gaming.

The MSI GT75 has a lot going for it and is actually a best buy for those who can afford it, because the laptop is not coming cheap at all.

The MSI GT75 is to go on sale with a price tag of $3,299.


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