The Asus Rog G703Gi is the most powerful core i9 laptop you can buy now

The existence of core i9 laptops has taken the shine off laptops with the the “MOST POWERFUL TILTLE” released in 2017.
Take for example, barely five months into 2018, the title of the most power laptop is now being held by the Asus Rog G703Gi instead of the Acer predator 21X.

How exactly powerful is the Asus Rog G703Gi? Join me as we find out together in this quick preview of the specs and features of the Asus Rog G703Gi.

Without wasting much time, let’s jump into the qucik preview of the specs and features of the Asus Rog G703Gi;

In the absence of a laptop with higher specifications, the Asus Rog G703Gi represents the best laptop a gamer, developer, graphics design and anybody into creative can get.

The Asus Rog G703Gi is built like a tank, but not as bulky as the Acer predator 21X.

For starters, the Asus Rog G703Gi weighs about  4.8KG and is about 50mm thick.

The Asus Rog G703Gi was built with a Mixture of gun metal aluminum and matte black. The Asus Rog G703Gi features sharp edges.

The Asus Rog G703Gi has  17 inch chasis. Inside that chassis, you have a 17.3 inch 1080p display  with 144HZ refresh rate with G-sync technology having 3MS response time. This display can get as bright as 269 nits and as dark as 0.21 nits.

The Asus Rog G703Gi features a RGB keyboard with key travel of 2.5mm.

Asus Rog G703

The Asus Rog G703Gi has two downward facing speakers located in it’s bottom chasis and two facing speakers located in the bottom bezel of the display.

Ports on the Asus Rog G703Gi includes; 4x USB 3.1, 1X thunderbolt 3 port, mic, heaphone jack port, SD card reader, mini display port 1.4, HDMI 2.0 port.
The Asus Rog G703Gi features built in Xbox wireless receiver. You are not going to sacrifice any of your ports for it. So thoughtful of Asus.

Now to the juicy info about the Asus Rog G703

The Asus Rog G703Gi is powered by a Intel core i9 processor 8950HK, with a clock speed upbto 4.8 GHz. You are getting 6 cores here.
The Asus Rog G703Gi features 64GB of DDR4 ram.

The Asus Rog G703Gi features a full desktop grade Nividia Gtx 1080 graphics card with 8GB of DDR5 memory, which is overclocked at 1974MHZ.

For storage, the Asus Rog G703Gi features a 2TB HDD, 4 NVME PCIE SSD’s that sum up to 1.2TB. These SSDS have a read and write speed of 8.7GB per second.
Normal SSDS have around 600MB read and write speed.

GTA on ultra settings attained 143 frames per seconds on this laptop and The witcher on ultra settings attained 92 frames per seconds. I wish to go on tour to the studio where the witcher was created, just to see the kind of computers they are using, with all these beastly specs, the Asus Rog G703Gi was not able to Hit 100fps on ultra settings.

The Asus Rog G703Gi is charged with 2 power bricks like most high end laptops from last year.

Don’t expect great battery life here. A laptop with this kind  of processor and graphics card wasn’t built to have a long lasting battery.

A test carried out by Austin Evans showed that the battery of the Asus Rog G703Gi dropped by 13% after leaving it idle for 15 minutes.

Over clocked CPU and GPU sucks battery.

Every good thing comes for a price. The Asus Rog G703Gi costs $5000.

A $5000 laptop isn’t your average laptop, those who really need it for productive purposes will purchase it.

3D animators, Game developers, Cinematographers this one is for you.


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