The Asus Rog phone is the ultimate gaming smartphone

Smartphone gaming hardware has being receiving huge boosts since the Razer phone launch.

The rog phone is the latest and greatest to feature a smartphone hardware dedicated to satisfying smartphone gamer.

The rog smartphone features top notch, not in any way average hardware specifications and a chassis built for gamers with a lot for ports for add ons to suit smartphone gaming.

The top highlights of the rog phone includes

•6.0 inch, 18:9 (2160 x 1080) OLED 90Hz display that refreshes it’s self 90 times per seconds
• ‎A Qualcomm snapdragon 845 with a clock speed of 2.96GHz
• ‎8 Gigs ram
• ‎128GB or 512GB storage
• ‎4000mah battery
•Andreno 630 graphics card
•‎A headphone jack
•Dual front-facing stereo speakers
•Dual rear cameras: Primary 12MP camera with a n aperture of F/1.8 and a secondary wide angle camera of 8MP with a aperture of F/2.0
•Front camera: 8MP F/2.0

impressive impressed 1 300x269 - The Asus Rog phone is the ultimate gaming smartphone

Taking off with the design and build of the Asus rog phone; the Asus rog phone features a curved glass at the back, a fingerprint reader that works well when operating the phone in landscape mode, dual cameras, a 3D cooling vapour chamber for 60% more efficiency and a RGB rog logo that can be controlled from software.

Moving to the front of the rog phone we have a 6 inch 18:9 aspect ratio display guarded by two front facing speakers on the top and the bottom.

On the right hand frame of the rog phone, Rog is introducing what they called Air triggers. The Air triggers are aimed at clearing the display of any gaming controls, to give a full 6.0 inch display to the gamer when gaming. The Air triggers are pressure sensitive spots.

On the bottom frame, we have a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB type c port.

On the left side of the frame, the Asus rog phone features two USB type c port used for connecting the aero active cooler.

Rog phone

The aero active cooler features a headphone jack and a USB type c port.
These ports come in handy when you are playing games on this smartphone in landscape mode.

Hardware Extras: The sides of the rog phone are pressure sensitive that when squeezed activiates X mode which blocks notifications and gives optimal gaming performance.

Rog phone

Rog claims the 4000MAH battery on the rog phone will give you 7 hours if wifi game play.

The Rog phone features hyper charge feature which promises 60 percent battery 🔋 with 33 minutes charge.

The rog phone has a special dock which allows you to connect the rog phone to a desktop keyboard and a mouse for a PC gaming setup.


Rog phone

rog phone also has a twin view dock than gives an extra display, which is good for live streaming while gaming.

Rog phone

Still speaking about additional mods, the rog phone supports a visible gaming dock that gives you visible gaming controls.

When the Razer phone we all thought that was the ultimate killer gaming smartphone, but the all new rog phone got us thinking with it’s magnificent hardware built specially for smartphone gamers.

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