BlackBerry Key 2 | BlackBerry’s 2018 version of the original key 1.

Last year BlackBerry began it’s key series with the key 1. The BlackBerry Key series features andriod smartphones with physical mechanical querty keyboards.

The BlackBerry key 2 is BlackBerry reply to it’s users who earnestly needed an upgrade of the original key 1.

Is the key 2 really a worthy upgrade over the key 1? In this article we are going to discuss briefly on it’s specifications features and price.

As earlier said, the BlackBerry key 2 is BlackBerry’s reply to it’s users who wanted an upgrade of the key one.

The Blackbery key 2 features;

•4.5 inch IPS LCD display with a screen resolution of 1620 x 1080

• A Qualcomm snapdragon 660 processor

• ‎6GB of ram

• ‎Dual rear camera: 12MP F/1.8 wide angle camera
:12MP F2.0 camera

•8MP front facing camera with fixed aperture

•‎3500MAH battery🔋 with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0

Blackberry key 2

Though the BlackBerry key 2 is supposed to be BlackBerry’s 2018 version of the key 1, it features no resemblance to smartphones already released in 2018.

The Blackbery key 2 doesn’t feature a notch, no glass back, no near bezeless display or anything in the nature of 18:9 aspect ratio display, plus the blackberry key 2 retains a headphone jack.

The BlackBerry key 2 features the same display the BlackBerry key 1 had.

This time Blackberry chose to go with squared edges on the key 2 instead of the the round edges on the key 1.

All the accessories buttons on the key 2 have being alligned on one side of the Blackbery key 2.

The biggest or the most popular feature of smartphones in the BlackBerry key series is it’s physical mechanical keyboard.

Having typed on lot of fancy smartphone glass display, some smartphone enthusiast still desire the feeling of a physical mechanical keyboard on their andriod Smartphone.

The BlackBerry key 2 is BlackBerry’s provision for such people in 2018.

Upgrades to the keyboard on the key 2 exists, but are a few.

For starters, the keyboard on the BlackBerry key 2 are 20 percent bigger than the once of the BlackBerry key one. Instead of the glossy finish of the keyboard in the BlackBerry key 1, the BlackBerry key 2 features a matte finish on it’s keyboard.
If you ask me, it really looks cool.

With the keyboard on the BlackBerry key 2, BlackBerry is introducing a speed key that let’s you make use of short cuts mapped on buttons of the keyboard on any app opened.

BlackBerry key 2

Unlike the key one which you could only use those shortcuts in the home screen.

All you need to do to make this speed key work, is hold it together with the button mapped for shortcut.

Still on keyboard upgrade, the dollar sign key found on the BlackBerry keyboard can be use to dropped down the notification shade when swiped on.

Speaking of dollar signs, the BlackBerry keyboard is to go on sale for $649, making the BlackBerry key 2 hundred dollars more expensive than the key 1.

Do you think the BlackBerry key 2 is a worthy upgrade over the key one? Drop your comments down below.

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