This case features pop up springs that protects your phone from free fall

In this Era of advancing smartphone technology, the toughness of smartphones have reduced drastically. Smartphones have become more fragile, with edge to edge displays and glass backs, smartphones no longer possess the ability to withstand cracks when they hit the floor.

sad so sad unhappy 300x195 - This case features pop up springs that protects your phone from free fall

Frenzel Philip an Engineer at Aalen University in Germany has proffered a solution to regular occurrence of smartphone damage due to dropping.

The frenzel Philips case features springs that deploy when it senses a drop.
The frenzel Philips case features sensors that detect when the phone is in free fall.

Philip frenzel case

When released for free fall, they pop out and curl up, protecting the edges of the phone from impact.

Philip frenzel case

When you pick up your phone, you simply food the springs back into their holster.


OK I know this sound real good and innovative, but their is twist to it.

The frenzel Philips acts when it senses free fall, imagine you are wear a trouser that is very free and has big pockets and then you decide to jump a pond of water. Their is a very high chance that the springs on the frenzel Philips case will deploy.
This occurrence may lead to a very painful experience.

Researchers are suggesting making use of proximity sensors, in order for the case to be able to sense when it’s in your pocket.

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