Difference between YouTube and YouTube Red

YouTube is an online streaming service that allows users to either upload videos or watch videos uploaded by other users.
YouTube can either be accessed via the app or via their website.

Though YouTube is a awesome streaming service, the most used video streaming service, there are some short comings.

Users are compled to watch ads in a certain duration before the video of their choice begins and also users are not allowed to play songs on YouTube while doing other things with their smartphone. If you must listen to a particular song uploaded in video format, you must make sure that your phone is stuck on the YouTube app or website. Also users are not allowed to download videos uploaded to YouTube.

I guess you have already figured out the difference between YouTube and YouTube Red.

YouTube Red fixes all the short comings of the YouTube app for a price.

YouTube Red is a paid version of YouTube that doesn’t feature advertisements, allows you to download videos uploaded to YouTube and allows you to play songs on YouTube without having to leave your screen stuck on the YouTube app screen.


Where as YouTube is available in all countries, YouTube Red is currently only available in Australia, US, Koreas, New Zealand, and Mexico.

YouTube Red subscription costs $10 a year and once you subscribe for YouTube Red, you automatically subscribe for Google play music vice versa


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