Tanzanian Government Sets 900 dollars annual tax for Bloggers in Tanzania


Being a Blogger, the payments I make on annual bases are the fees for my domain and host services, which I assume the same for most bloggers.

I said most and not all, part of the reason is thst for bloggers in Tanzania is not the same, bloggers in Tanzania are about to embrace a new annual fee taxed together with their domain and host payments every year.

After a successful court case won by the Tanzanian against bloggers and activists, the Tanzanian Government said it would certify all bloggers in the country and charge them an annual fee of $900 before they can blog, and this covers both online radio and television streaming platforms like YouTube.

They also added that Tanzanian bloggers who can’t meet the requirements have to shut down their websites or channels and defaulters will have to pay a fine of $2,200.

Tanzanian government has made blogging a bit more serious and intense for people just trying out for the first time, the newbies in the game. Those who have been in the game and have not started earning may also have this need bitter to the taste.

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