Impersonating twitter accounts bearing Elon Musk will be locked.

Finding counterfeit accounts when you search for a popular person on social media isn’t a new thing.

All the security checks put in place to curb this menace have shown little success.

Twitter has developed a new means for curbing this impersonators menace.

In a bid to cure this menace, twitter will lock any account bearing the name Elon Musk that is not the original verified account.

twitter locks fake accounts

But the Tesla founder isn’t the only one whose name is off limits.
Jeff Bezos and Crypto currency kingpin Roger ver names have also been prohibited.

Scrolling through your twitter feeds and you suddenly discover the Elon musk account you followed, suddenly discussing Crypto currency and being so generous. Those days have been brought to an end.

This new automated lock for certain names appears to be specifically designed to target names that are commonly used for cryptocurrency scams. Testing out “Larry Page,” “Donald Trump,” and “Ajit Pai,” did not result in an account lock.

Twitter began automatically locking accounts that try to take on Musk’s display name. Tests have shown the efficiency of this mechanism and the account lock was instant. To continue, a user has to solve a Google reCAPTCHA and verify their phone number. But once that’s done, attempting to change the display name to “Bill Gates” or “John McAfee” will start the whole process over.


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