My Jumia experience | Ordering from Jumia may be too risky

Jumia is an online retail store that sells products ranging from electronics to clothing. Jumia has it’s the strongest market in Nigeria and currently the most sought-after online retail store in Nigeria.

Looking aside from Jumia’s obvious success, there are some problems they have that currently affect their customer service. Though not so obvious, these problems usually cause discomfort to customers who have cut up with it.

I Personally recently got hit by one of these problems that make Jumia’s customer service imperfect and less efficient.

Jumia usually sends the product you ordered after three working days, beginning from the day you ordered it.
Have you ever thought of what happens when Jumia Sends you a product that has a defect?

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It takes Jumia 10 working days to validate if the claims you made concerning the defected product they sent to you were true, after which they process a refund to you, which is expected to take 10 days depending on your bank.

At this point, you begin to ask your self if Jumia’s customer service is really efficient. It takes 3 working days for jumia to send you a defected product in exchange for your money and then takes 10 working days for jumia to send you a refund.

On July 2nd I received the delivery of a smartphone I ordered for jumia, only for me to find out after 3 hours, that the smartphone they sent to me had a defect and that it goes off by itself and doesn’t come on after a while.

Meanwhile, I sold my old phone an hour after I received my new smartphone from jumia, making the phone I received from jumia the only phone I had.

The next day July 3rd I went to Jumia’s warehouse close to my residence to initiate a refund.

I arrived at Jumia’s warehouse with the mindset that I will be given an instant refund since I did not have another phone to use at that moment and also with the mindset of how things are done in offline retail stores where refunds are instant.

I went there ranting, angry at my experience, only for me to find out that I will need to call the customer care to create a refund ticket before I will be able to return the defected phone to the warehouse. As if that was not enough I was also told that it will take 10 business days for jumia to validate my phone before a refund can be processed.

My heart shattered, seriously sad. After 3 days of expectancy, my countenance became worse.

My hopes of having Jumia giving me another phone as a replacement since I went to their warehouse shattered.

So I did as they said, they helped me call the customer care and created a return ticket after which my phone was taken from me.

The next day July 4th I called the Jumia personnel I met at the warehouse, to find out if he had sent the phone to Jumia warehouse in Lagos. He said he had sent it.

I called two days after to know the validation status of my defected phone.
Before calling them, I had hopes that the validation will take a couple of days and won’t get to the 10th working day, only for Jumia’s customer care to tell me my phone arrived at their warehouse 2 days after I had returned to Jumia’s warehouse.
It dawned on me that I was in for a lot of waiting.

I kept calling day after day, they kept tell me my phone was still undergoing a quality check.

After calling Jumia’s customer service many times, I noticed that the information they dish out varies. One time, one of their customer service told me that my phone had not reached their warehouse in Lagos, meanwhile, it was there.

Some Jumia customer care reps are really ignorant.

Exactly on the 10th working day, I called the Jumia customer service and was told that the quality check on my phone had been completed and that my claims were true, that I was to receive my cash refund in the next 10 business days.
Lucky for me, it came on the first day.

It was a very painful experience, having to stay close to 3 weeks without the phone I paid for and with no replacement.

Should you still purchase products from Jumia? Yes, you should, but when you do, you have to put in mind that you could also have this experience.

Offline Retail stores are better. The only time I feel people should subscribe to purchasing products online is when the products needed are not found in retail stores.

How exactly can Jumia fix this problem? All Jumia warehouses should feature equal abilities. The name headquarters should be abolished. Customers should be able to go to warehouses in any state with their defected products and get a refund on the same day.


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