Asus Zephyrus S | world’s thinnest gaming laptop

The Asus zephyrus S is the follow up of Asus’s original zephyrus laptop, which actually introduced the Nvidia Max Q design.
Like the saying goes “just because something works doesn’t mean it cannot be better”. The zephyrus S fixes some of the minor issues the original zephyrus had and also upgrades the components the original zephyrus had.

The zephyrus S from afar doesn’t look different aesthetically but when you get hold of it, you begin to observe the minor changes in the design and build.

The zephyrus S is the world’s thinnest gaming laptop, having a thickness of 15.7mm. The zephyrus S weighs 2.1kg.

Asus zephyrus S

The zephyrus S replaces the plastic bottom panel of the original zephyrus with an aluminum bottom panel in the zephyrus S.

Opening the lid of zephyrus S, there is an observable decrease in the bezels of it’s 15.6 inch display.
The zephyrus S features a 15.6 display which is a 144hz display with 3ms refresh rate and %100 SRGB.

Asus zephyrus s

Taking a look at the keyboard section, the keyboard retains the same position and layout as in the original zephyrus.
As in the original zephyrus, the keyboard is shifted down to allow air flow.

Asus zephyrus s keyboard

The vents above they keyboard gave room for optimi.sed cooling for the components.

This way Asus was able to put the cooling solution on the CPU and GPU, to cool it more aggressively.
Also in bid to improve thermal solution zephyrus S features more blades in it’s fan.

In addition, Asus is also including a new central command app called Armoury Crate for lighting, performance, and fan settings. Previously you had to rely on different apps to control the hardware settings on Zephyrus laptops, which quite frankly got cumbersome. The Armoury Crate app will ship with the Zepyhrus S and future products.
The zephyrus S features an 8th gen core i7 processor, 16GB of ram, a Nividia GTX 1070 max Q GPU and 512GB NVMe SSD. This configuration costs $2,199

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The other configuration features a Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU and 1TB of HDD storage. This configuration costs $2000.

The zephyrus S is a laptop that can be comfortably refered to as a thin laptop without a compromises, because of its excellent build.

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