Infinix Hot S3x vs iPhone X | How far did Infinix go in copying the iPhone x

Copying the iPhone x is a sentence that is synonymous with most of the Android Smartphones that have been released in 2018. Even one of Apple’s greatest rival, Huawei has the same sentence wrapped around the existence of P20 and P20 pro.
How the various Android Smartphones merge the design aesthetics of the iPhone X with their hardware is what makes them different from each other.

One of the latest Smartphones to feature the iPhone x design, is the Infinix hot s3X. The infinix hot S3x is the follow up of the Infinix hot S3.

Infinix hot S3x

Infinix basically added the X suffix to the Hot S3 and featured a design similar to that of the iPhone x.

In this article I am going be discussing the extent Infinix went in copying the iPhone x, by giving a comprehensive comparison of both phones.


iPhone X

The iPhone X is 5.8 inches in size, features a metal frame with glass on the front and back. Apple featured a glass panel on the back of the iPhone X to allow wireless charging.

iPhone x
Picture showing the view of the iPhone X

The iPhone X design like you may have already sensed from the introductory paragraphs, is a symbol of technology advancement in the design department of smartphones.
The iPhone X introduced the best solution to tackling near bezeless displays.
The iPhone X solution to near bezeless displays is the NOTCH.

The Notch has gained so much popularity as it has been copied by many Android Smartphones, facilitating a lot of similarities in design with the iPhone X and many other smartphones.

Many smartphones feature the notch but not all of them expresses the essence of the notch.
This is were the infinix hot S3x begins to fail, as it falls in the category of smartphones that feature the Notch for the wrong reasons.

Infinix Hot s3x

The infinix hot S3x in hand feels bigger than the iPhone X owing to it’s 6.2 inch size.

The infinix hot S3x is a plastic phone with glass on the front, so there is no wireless charging here due to the absence of a glass back.

Infinix hot S3x
Image showing the rear view of the infinix hot S3x

The infinix hot S3x attempts a near bezeless display by featuring a notch.

Infinix hot s3x
Picture showing the notch on the infinix hot s3x

Does featuring a notch on the infinix hot S3x really tackle a near bezeless display?
Well not really, the bottom chin of the infinix hot S3x has the same height as that of the infinix note 5 which doesn’t have a notch.

Infinix hot S3x
Image showing the bottom chin bezels

Featuring a notch and a big chin actually defeats the purpose behind featuring a notch, making a near bezeless display impossible.

Apple was able to eliminate the bezels on the bottom chin by featuring a bendable display on the iPhone x.
Because the display of the iPhone x is bendable, Apple was able to shift the display cable of the iPhone x behind the display, instead of positioning it on the bottom chin position which would have facilitated more bezels.

iPhone x
Image showing the bended screen inside the iPhone x

Featuring this kind of technology on the infinix hot S3x will actually facilitate an increase in price, but if you have the intent of not doing something well, there is no point doing it.
Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.


iPhone X

The iPhone x features a 5.8 inch HD super retina OLED display, with a screen resolution of 1125 X 2436, which is capable of outputting 4K Content.

infinix Hot s3x

The infinix hot S3x features a 6.2 inch IPS display with a screen resolution big 1500 X 720P, capable of outputting only 720P content.

The iPhone X totally crushes the infinix hot S3x here.


iPhone X

The iPhone X features a dual rear camera setup with dual 12MP camera sensors.
The cameras features dual optical image stabilisation.
One of the cameras on the dual camera setup Features a wide aperture lens of F/1.8 while the other is s Telephoto lens of F/2.4 aperture.

The dual cameras are capable of taking pictures in portrait mode and portrait lighting mode, where it turns the background of the image totally black.

The rear cameras of the iPhone X is capable of shooting 4K content with frame rates up to 60 FPS and also 1080P slow motion videos up to 240 FPS.
The iPhone X has the capability to play games using augmented reality.

The iPhone X features a 7MP true depth front facing camera.

Infinix Hot s3x

The infinix hot S3x features a dual rear camera setup on the back.
This camera setup houses a 13MP main sensor and a 2MP wide-angle lens camera.

The infinix hot S3x is only capable of shooting 720P video footage.

Up front, the infinix S3X houses a 16MP front facing camera.


iPhone X

Unlike most smartphones that feature a notch, the iPhone X relies a lot on the security from it’s face ID, hence it features the proper hardware needed for Face ID to work.

For proper functioning of the iPhone X, the iPhone X features in its notch, a dot projector, a flood illuminator and a true depth sending camera.

The dot project, projects 30 thousand dots on your face when scanning, it’s function is to differentiate your real face from a mask, picture or any other form of identity, the iPhone X does this by doing texture mapping.

The flood illuminator gives the iPhone x the ability to scan your face even in the dark.

infinix Hot s3x

Switching over to the infinix hot S3x, the infinix hot S3x doesn’t feature any of these.
The Face ID on the infinix hot S3x basically works on software and is not secure as the Face ID security on the iPhone X.


Infinix hot S3X iPhone X
>6.2 inch IPS with screen resolution of 1500 X 720P 5.8 inch super retina HD oled display with a screen resolution of 1125 X 2436
Snapdragon 430 processor Apple A11 bionic processor
32GB internal storage 64GB internal storage
12MP + 2MP dual rear camera with potrait mode 12MP + 12MP dual rear camera with potrait mode
16MP front facing shooter 8MP front shooter
Headphone jack yes Headphone jack No
4000MAH battery 2716MAH battery
$172 $1000



When it comes to pricing, the iphone x completely crushes the infinix hot S3x.
The iPhone x features a $1000 price tag while the infinix hot S3x has a price tag if $173.


The infinix hot S3x can in no way replace the iPhone X. What the infinix hot S3x is good for, is giving the user a feeling of what means to use a smartphone with a notch..
we can describe the infinix hot S3x as the first beta design editing of the iPhone X that makes calls and surfs the net.



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