Samsung Galaxy Note 9| Features- specs -price

Being the Nineth smartphone from Samsung’s note series, the Samsung Galaxy note 9 is a symbol of great technological advancement from Samsung’s mobile division.

The Samsung Galaxy note 9 succeeds the Samsung galaxy note 8 by improving on the features of the Note 8. Some of these improvements are an upgrade over the abilities of the Galaxy note 8, while others are addition of new features which may have already existed in other smartphones.

Taking off with the physical features of the galaxy note 9, the Galaxy note 9 is 6.4 inch in size, it still retains the long instead of wide display the galaxy note 8 began in the Note series.
The Samsung Galaxy note 9 features a 6.4 inch Quad HD super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy note 9

Switching to the back of this phone, Samsung retains the dual camera system it began on the note series with Samsung Galaxy note 8.

Below the dual cameras on this phone, the fingerprint sensor is comfortably located.


Keeping aside all the awesome specifications the Samsung Galaxy note 9 has, the S-PEN is a big part of what differentiates the Samsung Galaxy note 9 from the Samsung Galaxy s9 and s9 plus.

Samsung Galaxy note 9

Just like every year, tech enthusiasts are always yearning to see the new features of the S-PEN. If you are part of the group of such Tech enthusiasts, I have great news for you, Samsung has really refreshed the S-PEN, the S-PEN comes with lot of new features.

Beginning with the biggest of the new features, the S-PEN on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now features Bluetooth that works on low energy module and a super capacitor.
The stylus can be used as a remote control for the handset.

From 30 feet away you can trigger the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, change slides in your presentation and even skips songs on your playlist.

Pressing the pen can trigger the cameras shutter, double clicking it will switch between front and back camera.

The S-PEN takes one minute to get a full charge, and this is done by sliding The S-PEN back into the phone.

When the S-PEN is fully charged, the S-PEN is expected to last about 200clicks or 30 minutes on idle.


The Samsung Galaxy note 9 continues the dual camera setup introduced into the note series with the Samsung Galaxy note 8.

Samsung Galaxy note 9

The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy note 9 features the dual aperture mode, that first appeared on the Samsung Galaxy s9.

The main camera on the dual camera system of  the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be opened as wide as F/1.5 for more light.

The cameras on the Samsung Galaxy note 9 features dual pixel autofocus which allows for faster shutter speeds.

Samsung featured AI photography in the Samsung Galaxy note 9.
With this AI photography, the camera on the Samsung Galaxy note 9 will be able to adjust it self, based on the scene you are taking .

The Samsung Galaxy note 9 will notify you immediately you finish taking a picture that is not good.

When I say not good I mean blurry photos and poorly lit photos.
In such conditions, the Samsung Galaxy note 9 will prompt you to take another photo, and if the lens is smudged, the Samsung Galaxy note 9 will prompt you to clean it.


Dex is Samsung’s specialized software for giving Android a desktop interface.
With Dex feature on the Galaxy tab S4 you can have a dozen Android apps open at a time in an environment where you can resize them as windows, make them go full screen or move around.

Unlike the previous samsung galaxy note 8, the Samsung Galaxy note 8 doesn’t require a dock to make use of Dex functions.
The Samsung Galaxy note 9 requires only an HDMI cord that is to be connected to the phone via a USB type c to HDMI adapter


The samsung galaxy note 9 is powered Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor, 6GB ram and 128GB to 512GB of internal storage.
On the Samsung Galaxy note 9 you are presented with up to 512GB of micro SD card expansion.

So you can actually have up to a Tera byte of storage on the samsung Galaxy note 9.

The Samsung Galaxy note is kept alive by a whopping 4000MAH battery.

The 4000MAH battery on the Samsung Galaxy note 9, makes the Samsung Galaxy note 9 to be the first Samsung note phone to feature a 4000MAH battery.

The Samsung Galaxy note 9 costs $1000 for the standard 128GB version and $1,250 for the high end 512GB version.

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