Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 | The tablet everybody needs

Samsung Tabs as every tech enthusiast should know, occupies a high position in the hierarchy of tablets.
The idea of a having a wider and longer screen with the quality of what what we are used to on the notes and S series Samsung phones and the over all performance of Samsung Tabs sets them apart from their peers.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is Samsung’s recommendation to it’s customers who desire a tablet in 2018.
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 packs 2018 hardware and improvement of some of the features the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 had.

Running through the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the Galaxy tab S4 has a metal frame with glass panels on the front and back. On the Tab S4 you have glass on both the front and back.

On the body of the Tab S4 you will find; a 3.5mm headphone jack, volume rockers, power button, micro SD slot , type c and a connector for external hardware keyboard.

The Galaxy tab S4 has dual speakers on the top and dual speakers on the bottom frame. These speakers ate tuned by AKG.


Samsung galaxy tab s4

The Tab S4 features a 10.5 Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600.

Samsung Galaxy tab S4 Samsung galaxy tab s4

Brightness can be taken to it’s max and still produce an image with tons of contrast and saturation without blacks looking faded. The crisp image of the galaxy Tab s4 produces means that it’s highly suitable for photo re-touching and drawing.

The galaxy Tab S4 is powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon 835 octa processor, 64GB storage with up to 400GB of micro SD expansion. The kept alive by 7,3000MAH battery.

In the camera department the tab S4 features a 13mp rear shooter which can shoot 4k videos at 30fps. Up front you have an 8mp front shooter that is capable of shooting 1080p videos.


With Dex feature on the Galaxy tab S4 you can have a dozen Android apps open at a time in an environment where you can resize them as windows, make them go full screen or move around.

Samsung galaxy tab s4

In Dex mode, you can also plug to Galaxy Tab S4 to a monitor for a much wider experience.

On the tab S4, it is available as a mode in the Tab S4, you will need to connect other smartphones with a USB to the monitor to enjoy Dex mode.

As earlier said, the galaxy Tab S4 features connector points that allow for external keyboard connection.

The external keyboard when connected will really enhance the desktop feeling of the Dex mode.

The external keyboard doesn’t come with a track pad though, you will need to get an external Bluetooth mouse for a complete experience.

For pricing, the standard pricing for the wifi version is $649 which includes the S-pen.
The full package will cost you $800, here the external keyboard is included.

Samsung with the Tab S4 is aiming for people who desire a device that’s higher than an Ultrabook but still has a keyboard and pen.

I really wished the Galaxy tab S4 came with Qualcomm’s snapdragon 845 processor and had bigger internal storage.
But I don’t actually see these cons are being a deal breaker, snapdragon 835 processor is not a slow processor at all and the Galaxy tab S3 features micro-sd slot for storage expansion.

The Galaxy tab S4 is really a best buy.

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