How To Apply To Get Verified On Instagram

Over the years, verification of Instagram of accounts haw been likened to how Google ranks pages, in the sense that nobody know the actual process or the requirements.
Many blogs and professional socialite have provided lot of tutorials they feel will make Instagram verification faster.
This fact has made Instagram account verification very frustrating to people who really desire the blue tick icon next to their Instagram name, reasons, having security as the major one.

Well the hassle has come to an end, Instagram has finally created a service that allows Instagram users with large followers to Apply for Instagram verification.
Instagram’s main aim behind making this verification service, is to make celebrity accounts more secure and reduce the number of scam accounts out there.

how to apply to get verified on instagram

In this article I am going to be giving a comprehensive tutorial on how to apply for Instagram verification without stress.

How To Apply To Get Verified On Instagram

Step 1 : Goto your Instagram Profile

Step 2: Navigate to settings

Step 3: Tap and Request Verification

Step 4: fill in the required form, providing your account name, full name and legal business ID E.T.C

How Long Will It Take To Verify An Instagram Account

The duration it takes to verify an Instagram is not specified at all, nobody knows the duration, as it is not fixed. What is sure and known is that when your account has been verified, Instagram will notify you and you will get the blue tick icon beside your Instagram handle name.


In a bid to improve Instagram account security, Instagram has added a feature that allows users to fill in more details.
Just like the about user feature on Facebook accounts, Instagram users can now fill in more details about themselves.
These details includes:

  • Date you joined Instagram
  • The country your account is been operated from
  • Username changes in the past few years

With these information, locating a legit Instagram account will not be a hassle, even if the account has not been verified.


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