How To Disable Windows updates on windows 10

Windows 10 updates to many windows users is something to be scared of, due to the discomfort it brings.
Trying to switch off your laptop and you are forced to carry out compulsory updates, it’s time-wasting. Windows 10 updates drain a lot of Data and this is the most common complain you get from most windows users.

These problems associated with windows 10 updates has warranted lot of window users to search for possible ways to disabling the automatic updates on windows 10.
Many have found working methods, while some have not. As a windows users currently reading this article, it is very clear that you are also in search of a possible way to disabling this automatic updates on your windows 10 laptop.

Windows 10 update

In this article, I am going to be giving a comprehensive tutorials on three methods to disabling windows 10 updates.

Methods For Disabling Windows 10 Automatic Updates

  1. Using Local Group Policy
  2. Meter Your Network Connection
  3. Disabling Windows Update Service

How To Block Windows 10 Automatic updates Using Local Group Policy

This Method works only for people running the windows 10 pro operating system. Windows users running Windows 10 pro, you can use the local group policy editor to change the system update to prevent your device from carrying out automatic update.


1. Hold down Windows key + R

2. Type gpedit.msc on the run box and click ok

3. Navigate to Computer configuration / Administrative Templates / windows Components / Windows update.

4. On the right side double-click configuration Automatic update policy

Windows 10

5. Tick the disabled option to turn off the policy

Windows 10

6. Click the apply button

7. Click the ok button

Upon completion, windows no longer automatically update it self. This your data is saved and you don’t have to wait for annoying updates to install.

How To Block Windows 10 Automatic updates By Disabling Windows Update Service

This method works for users running all forms of Windows 10 editions. Note that windows will re-enable automatic update after some time. That is if you use this method.


1. Hold windows logo key + R at the same time to invoke Run box

2. Type Service.msc in the run box and click enter

Windows 10

3. Scroll down to Windows update and double-click it

Windows 10

4. In startup select disabled. Then click apply and ok to save settings

Windows 10

How To Block Windows 10 Automatic updates By metering your Network connection

This method doesn’t work for Ethernet connections, you can only disable automatic updates by using this method when connceted via WiFi


1. Click the start button on your desktop

2. Navigate to the settings app

3. Select network and internet

Windows 10

4. Click the Wifi in the left plane, then clean could the name of your WiFi connection

5. Click to turn on metered connection

If you have carefully followed the full procedure of one the methods listed, you will be able to block windows 10 updates, for which ever reason you may have.

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