HP Spectre Folio | Worlds first leather Laptop

HP over the years has to shown to the world that they are capable of manufacturing laptops that blends with our everyday style, without having a distracting look while featuring hardware specs that is just enough to get through every day regular tasks.

HP Spectre folio

With the HP Spectre Folio laptop, HP is reinventing it’s design, by giving a better look to the design of it laptop.
Wrapped in leather, the HP Spectre Folio, blends completely with the products of our wardrobe. One could mistake the Spectre Folio for a hand bag, if not carefully observed.

Spectre Folio

In this article, I am going to be giving brief information on the features of this wonder laptop HP has manufactured.

The Spectre folio is a 2 in 1 convertible Laptop

The Spectre Folio is a 2 in 1 convertible laptop that ditches most of the Con’s that convertible laptops have.
The most prominent of the cons, is the feel it has on the hand when you hold covertibe laptops in tablet mode, the sharp edge feeling it gives your plam.
In order to combat this, HP has invented a whole new system.
Instead of folding the display backwards, you are to pull it forward, directly over the keyboard, where magnets latch the display into place. This way you are you presented with a soft comfortable leather feeling on palm while in tablet mode.

Speaking of leather, HP decided to go with an entirely new body build, instead of the traditional aluminum body we are used to. The Spectre Folio is wrapped with leather, making the world’s first leather Laptop.

There are some controversies on the durability of the leather on the spectre folio. HP has made it clear that the leather on the Spectre folio is completely replaceable, in case it wears out.

Although the laptop is marketed as a laptop wrapped totally with leather, the hinge that makes the 2 in 1 convertible magic happen, is made of magnesium.

Spectre folio

On convertibility, there are three modes to the Spectre Folio, Tablet mode, Media mode and the normal laptop mode.

The Spectre Folio can be Used in Tablet Mode, Media Mode and Regular laptop Mode

For the Table mode, the Spectre folio collapses like a magazine, giving you an all leather feeling to your palmSpectre Folio and screen on top. To enter tablet mode on the spectre folio, you are to push the screen from back at the bottom slowly and collapse to form a tablet.


Spectre Folio

The Spectre Folio features a Stylus

The Spectre Folio comes with a stylus pen, that has 4000 levels of sensitivity. The stylus is to make navigation and digital drawing with the spectre folio easy.

For Media mode, you have to collapse the display half way, leaving the track pad visible for use. The trackpad is left for navigation.

Spectre Folio

Trying to use the Spectre folio like a regular laptop, the spectre folio features a glass track pad and a full aluminum back Lit  keyboard with a key travel of 1.5mm.

Spectre folio

Spectre Folio

The Spectre Folio features a 13.3 inch FHD display, powered by Intel 1 watt panel, to maximize battery.

The Spectre folio features a noiseless fan less design, there is no fan here. The Spectre Folio also happens to have the smallest mother board ever featured on a laptop. HP reduced the size of the mother board, to create space for a bigger battery.

What does this result to, there is no smoke without fire, since the spectre folio doesn’t Feature a fan, means the Spectre folio features a low power processor that doesn’t need cooling.

The Spectre Folio, is powered by Intel’s new low-power processor, Amber Lake-Y, which is an 8th-generation chip family from Intel.

The bigger battery facilitated by it’s smaller mother board, has resulted to an 18 hour battery life on the Spectre Folio.

Ports on the Spectre Folio includes 3 USB type-c ports, one thunder bolt port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The pricing on the spectre $1,299 for the core i5 model, $1,300 for the core i7 model and $1,499 for the core i7 LTE version with 4K display.

As you might have observed, the spectre folio is a classy laptop, built to blend with for people who do not want to look techy, people to desire gadgets that blend into fashion. Most importantly, the spectre folio makes laptop carrying less of a chore.


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