Infinix hot 6x vs infinix hot 6 pro

Infinix seem to have begun a new series, a series were already manufactured smartphones will have a refresh.
This refresh features an additional (x) suffix in brand name and notch inclusion.

This series began with the hot S3x which was released some months ago. The hot S3x is a follow-up of the original hot S3.
The hot S3x featured minor spec bump, a new design with its notch as it’s most prominent feature.

Fast forward to October, Infinix has released another smartphone with a notch. The Hot 6x is a follow-up of the original infinix hot 6 pro.

Though the hot 6x succeeds the hot 6 pro, the notch and display may just be the only difference between the two smartphones.

In this article, I am going to be doing a brief comparison between these similar smartphones, the hot 6x and the hot 6 pro.

Infinix Hot 6x Vs Infinix Hot 6 pro

Hot 6x  Hot 6 Pro
6.2 inch HD+ display 6.0 inch HD display
Snapdragon 425 quad-core processor Snapdragon 425 quad-core processor
3GB Ram 3GB Ram
32GB Storage 32GB Storage
13MP + 8MP camera 13MP + 5MP Rear camera
8MP Front camera 5MP rear camera
4000MAH Battery 4000MAH Battery

Design | Build

Take a rear view of the hot 6x and hot 6 pro, you notice disparities in the placements of the cameras.
On the hot 6 pro, the dual cameras are placed horizontally side by side each other, while on the hot 6x, the dual cameras are arranged in a vertical manner.

Hot 6 pro

Hot 6x

Both smartphones have matte looking plastic backs, with the infinix branding and version number clearly written.

Switching the hot 6x to the front, you immediately observe the most prominent difference between the hot 6x and hot 6 pro.

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The hot 6x has a 6.2 inch full HD+ display with a notch, just like it is on the hot S3x.
Though a notch was featured to maximize the space on the front, bezels here are still huge, more noticeable on the chin.

Hot 6x

Switching over to the hot 6 pro, there is no notch, instead you have a 6.0 inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Size of bezels here is almost the same as the one on the hot 6x, especially when you consider their chin.

Hot 6 pro


On the hot 6x, you Dual 13MP + 5MP cameras on the rear with an 5MP front facing shooter

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On the hot 6 pro you have dual 13MP + 5MP cameras on the rear with an 8MP front facing shooter.


Both smartphones ( Hot 6 pro and hot 6x) are powered by a Snapdragon 425 processor, 3GB Ram, 32GB storage and 4000MAH battery.

Comparison between the hot 6x and the hot 6 pro, clearly shows that if you choose to go for the hot 6x instead of the hot 6 pro, you are clearly using the notch as your bias.

Should you purchase the hot 6x Instead if the hot 6 pro? Yes you should, but if you should be aware that you are not losing anything performance. As for the notch, it’s not actually  fulfilling  its purpose, because of the presence of large bezels.


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