How Infinix Zero 6 can Become the Ultimate infinix Flagship

Flagship devices for smartphone manufacturing companies represents the highest end smartphone the company can manufacture. Such smartphones do not have the short comings lower smartphones have.

Though manufacturing flagship smartphones involves using the best of the best resources smarphone companies can lay their hands on, Smartphone manufacturing companies like Infinix are restricted by some factors.

Unlike the major Smartphone manufacturing companies, smartphone manufacturing like Infinix do not have the liberty to manufacture smartphones with flagship prices.

For Infinix, manufacturing a flagship device involves manufacturing a smartphone that is more powerful than the other smartphones they have manufactured without exceeding a certain price tag.
Manufacturing flagships this way allows Infinix to have flagships devices that their customers can afford, owing to the type of market they are aiming at.

In this article, I am going to be giving suggestions Infinix should consider in manufacturing the Zero 6, which is the next Infinix flagship device. The infinix Zero 6 will succeed the infinix zero 5.

I will be making suggestions under the following headings

  • Design/Build
  • Software
  • Hardware

Infinix Zero 5 was a very successful device, it represented the most powerful smartphone Infinix made last year. It was the first Infinix smartphone to feature dual cameras, 6gig ram and the helio P25 processor.

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The infinix zero 5 was the complete package for Infinix fans who needed something higher than what they were used to, while retaining a budget price.
This year, infinix has to perform the same magic.

A lot has improved in the smartphone industry, infinx will have manufacture a smartphone that meets up with the current smartphone trend.

Design / Build

Being a 2017 flagship device, the design of the Zero 5 was actually a set back, because lot of previous year’s design ques were still present in the in the Zero 5.
It was accepted, because it actually takes budget smartphone manufacturing companies like infinix some time to adapt to trends.

In 2018 having a smartphone that looks a lot like the infinix zero 5 will be totally unacceptable.

To make the infinix zero 6 an ideal infinix flagship, I suggest that Infinix should;

Ditch Plastic Build: The Zero 6 should feature premium metal build, with quality higher than what the Note 4 had. After long usage, I actually found out that the colour on the Note 4 metal build started wearing off, a lot of white scratches began to appear.
Having that type of metal on the Zero 6 wont be acceptable at all, owing to its intending flagship nature.

Ditch It’s huge Bezels: Bezels on the infinix Zero 5 were indeed big. The contrast between the zero 5 and other flagships when it comes to its Bezels were actually great.
It’s very easy to call the Zero 5 a very old phone, if you pay attention to the sizes of bezels on smartphones these days.

Infinix zero 5

I suggest that Infinix should feature thinner bezels in the zero 6, to give it a more refined look and more height, because that’s one of the smartphone trends right now. Taller instead of wider.

Though the possibilities of having a notch on the Zero 6 is very high, I really wish it won’t happen, because of aspect ratio problems.

Infinix Zero 6

I currently use the infinix hot 6 pro, and its bizzare aspect ratio is a big problems for me, from playing high-end games and using apps like Filmora Go, the problem keeps showing up.
Such apps do not fill the screen, because most developers are not aware or do not develop apps with such aspect ratio.
The problem is even worse on the infinix hot S3x that features a notch and at the same time big bezels.

Include Dual front facing Speakers: After having a taste of dual front facing stereo speakers on my previously owned Infinix Hot 5, it dawned on me that dual front facing speakers are very imperative when it comes to streaming media on smartphones. But Infinix should be careful not to feature stereo speakers that make distorting sound.

Google pixel 2

Giving the zero 6 display an 18:9 aspect ratio and still featuring dual front facing speakers sounds impossible, but Google actually made it happen on the pixel 2, Infinix can take design ques from the Pixel 2.


Google the pioneers of the Andriod operating system, are making efforts to make sure that every Andriod device gets at least 2 years of Andriod updates.

Before it comes into actualisation, OEMS can strive to make their smartphones Andriod one, in other for them to receive lots of updates.

Infinix has had some Andriod one smarphones in the past, phones like the infinix hot 2 and the infinix note 5 are actually Andriod one smartphones.

Infinix note 5

Adding the Zero 6 to their list of Andriod one smartphones will really be very nice and welcomed my many if Infinix fans.
Because updating smartphones to newer operating systems makes smartphones feel newer in the hands.


Last year the specs of the Zero 5 was regarded as high end, when compared to other Infinix smartphones released year.
Being in 2018, repeating the same specs will totally be unacceptable.
For tech companies to remain on top, they need to keep making upgrades, just because it works doesn’t mean it cannot be improved, that’s the rule.

The most notable feature I will like to see an upgrade for is the processor, I will like infinix to upgrade from featuring The Helio P25, processor on the Zero 5 to feature snapdragon 660 on the zero 6, which is a mid range processor.
I chose this mid range processor because, Infinix hads to make the zero 6 high-end while retaining a certain budget price, so having a mid range processor that perfroms well will b higly accepted.

These are my suggestions for the infinix Zero 6. Having an Infinix flagship device with these specs will really bring joy to the faces of infinix fans. Because the Zero 6 will feel more like an up to date smartphone, unlike what the Zero 5 was.

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