Samsung Galaxy A9 | A Samsung Smartphone With 5 cameras

Smartphone released in October 2018 have shown to always make headlines with their cameras. It’s either the smartphone manufacturing company improved the cameras on the previous Smartphone with the new one, or they developed a whole new camera hardware and software.

Joining the list of these smartphones, is the all new Samsung Galaxy A9, which is making headlines with it’s 4 quad rear camera system. The Galaxy A9 is the first smartphone in the world to feature 4 rear Cameras and also the first Samsung smartphone to feature 5 cameras in total.

Galaxy A9

In this article, I am going to be giving a comprehensive description of the Specs and features of the All new Samsung Galaxy A9. This article will also contain detains on the pricing of the Samsung Galaxy A9.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Specs Features And Price

Taking a look and holding the Galaxy A9, the Galaxy A9 feels like a true Samsung smartphone.
The Galaxy A9 has 3D glass at the back, rounded corners and a glossy finish that has gradient colouring, close to what you have on the huawei P20 pro. There is glass both in front and back of the Galaxy A9.
Featuring glass on the Galaxy A9 will allow for wireless charging.

Galaxy A9

The Galaxy A9 Has Four Rear Cameras

Still taking a rear view of the Galaxy A9, you discover a square shaped fingerprint and on top of it, you find the headlining feature of the Galaxy A9, it’s quad rear camera system.
The Galaxy A9 has four rear cameras at the back.

Galaxy A9

The Galaxy A9 is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. It retains a headphone jack and micro SD slot.
Samsung is one of the Smartphone companies that is still manufacturing Smartphones with headphone jack.

Flipping the phone to get it’s front view, you will find a 6.3 inch Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 2220 X 1080 with an 18:9 aspect ratio. Bezels around the display are kept at minimum, with no Notch.

Galaxy A9

The Galaxy A9 comes in caveat black , Lemonade Blue and bubble gum pink.


Galaxy A9

The Galaxy A9 features A Snapdragon 660 processor

Moving on to hardware, we begin to see why Samsung is calling the Galaxy A9 a high mid range smartphone.
The Galaxy A9 features a Snapdragon 660, 6 gigs of ram, 128 gigs of internal storage and a 3,800 MAH battery.
It doesn’t sound too exciting, owing to the fact that the snapdragon 660 is a mid range processor. But the Galaxy Actually cost $549 which is almost half the price of the Galaxy S9, so mid range specs was highly expected. Though the only thing mid-range here is it’s Processor.

With the snapdragon 660 processor, you will still be able to run games and apps comfortably and this processor will make the battery last longer. You should not be expecting the kind of performance you get on the snapdragon 660 processor though.

Let’s talk Cameras

The cameras on the Galaxy A9 is the major Feature it has, featuring 4 rear cameras and a single front facing camera, the Galaxy A9 is setting it’s apart from other Samsung smartphones.

The quad camera system of the Galaxy A9 includes;

8MP Super wide angle camera with an aperture of F/2.4 and 120 degree field of view.

  • 10MP Telephoto camera with an aperture of F2.4
  • 24MP main camera with an aperture of F/1.4
  • 5MP depth sensing camera with an aperture of F2.2

The 5MP depth sensing camera captures depth information and allows for live focusing. i.e adjustment of blur after taking pictures in potrait mode.

Most of these features are crammed into the single camera of the Google pixel 3 and 3 XL, using software. So it’s actually the battle between hardware and software, which one does better.

Samsung crammed in 19 enhancement mode into the camera of the Galaxy A9, which is facilitated by the four cameras it has.
Each mode offers custom settings for things like food, landscapes, portraits, night scenes and lots more.
The software on the Galaxy A9 is also capable of detecting when subjects blinks or when images get blurred, this feature will prevent from taking awful photos.

The Galaxy A9 will cost you $549 dollars and over 200 thousand as a Nigerian.

Is the Galaxy A9 worth It?

Being a $500 Smartphone, Samsung has created a smartphone for customers who have issues with the prices of their flagships. The Galaxy A9 isn’t just a budget mid range device, it is a mid range Smartphone that comes with exciting camera features that other samsung smartphones don’t have.
But you need to know that the Galaxy A9 isn’t a very good budget device at the price, as you could get better specs and performance from Smartphones like the OnePlus 6 and still retain your $500 budget.

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