Best iPad alternatives 2018

in recent years, Apple has being topping the Tablet industry with their iPads. This is due to the fact that iPads are the most sophisticated when it comes to iPad technology. iPads feature the best display with an interestingly nice value for refresh rates, and all the features that make iPads so great.

Though iPads are very sophisticated, they are frowned by many, for reasons that may differ from one person to another. some may avoid iPads because of their prices, some are not apple fans.

If you fall into such categories, this article will help you in making your choices when it comes to selecting alternatives to iPads in 2018.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

When it comes to iPad alternatives in 2018, the Samsung Galaxy tab s4 seems to have upper hand. The performance and general build of the Samsung Galaxy tab s4 sets it on a high pedestal. This fact has made the discussion more about having an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy tab s4.

Samsung galaxy tab s4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab s4 build comprises of a metal frame with glass panels on the front and back. The Samsung galaxy tab s4 also features dual Dolby Atmos speakers  on the top and dual speakers on the bottom for quality stereo audio. The Samsung Galaxy tab s4 retains a headphone jack and connector pins for external keyboard.

The Samsung Galaxy tab s4 houses a 10.5 Super AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600.
Brightness on the display of Samsung Galaxy tab s4 can be taken to it’s max and still produce an image with tons of contrast and saturation without blacks looking faded. The crisp image of the galaxy Tab s4 produces means that it’s highly suitable for photo re-touching and drawing.

On the performance side the Samsung Galaxy tab s4 features a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage with up to 400GB of micro SD expansion. The kept alive by 7,3000MAH battery.

Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy tab s4 Includes $649 dollars for the tablet and S-PEN without the external keyboard and $800 for the full package that includes the external keyboard.

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2. Huawei Media Pad M5 Pro

Being the second rival to Apple as a company, with made known plans to someday over take apple in sales, Huawei’s tablet finds its way to the second position of alternatives to iPads in 2018.  The Huawei media pad M5 pro is packed with features Huawei considers to be enough to rival Apple iPads in 2018.

Huawei media pad m5 pro

The Huawei media pad M5 pro is a features a 10 inch chassis with metal on the back and gorilla glass up front. unlike the 2018 iPads  and the samsung galaxy tab 24, the Huawei media pad M5 pro still features a hardware home button with a enough bezels for it rest on. The Hawei media pad M5 pro features Harmon and Kardon speakers on the back and also connector pins for external keyboard. There is headphone jack on the Huawei media pad M5, so you will have to rely on a wireless headphone or USB type c headphones. Also note that the Huawei media pad M5 houses a stylus pen inside it.

The Huawei Media Pad M5 pro features a 10.8 inch IPS  LCD display with a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 , which is actually the only draw back here. You are getting lower display specs here, when compared to 2018 iPads and the Samsung galaxy tab s4.

The Huawei media pad media pad M5 pro is powered by Huawei’s kirin 960 processor, 4GB ram, 6GB internal storage with micro SD expansion up to 256 gigs, 7,500MAH battery.

Pricing for the Huawei media pad M5 is about 500 pounds. with a price tag of 500 pounds, the Huawei media pad M5 is way cheaper than the 2018 iPads. When compared to the 2018 iPads, the Huawei media pad M5 is more a budget device with excellent specifications.

3. Google pixel slate

In previous years, Google tabs have always occupied the second position after Samsung tabs, when it comes to iPads alternatives. Things are different this year because Google has taken a new approach in manufacturing their tablets. New approach in the sense that Google has killed its tablet line up, instead they are manufacturing the pixel slates, which looks more mini chrome instead of tablets. Google pixel slates even runs own chrome Os, so you are not getting the full android experience you had on the previous Google pixel tablets.

Google pixel slate

Despite the fact that Google pixel slates are more of mini chrome books than tablets, it was featured on this list of iPad alternatives for 2018 because it finds itself useful in carrying out tasks you will likely do on other tablets. But if you are not a fan of the Chrome os like me, you might not want to go for the Google pixel slate.

In a 12.3 inch chassis, the Google pixel slate is actually the biggest tablet like gadget you can purchase right now in 2018. The Google pixel slate features an all metal build, there is no headphone jack here and there is also no micro SD slot.  There are connector pins on the body of the Google pixel slate to connect external keyboards. The Google pixel slates also features stylus pen.

For performance, the Google pixel slate features an intel celeron processor, 4GB RAM and 32GB SSD for the base version. The Google pixel slate is kept alive by 48 watt-hour battery. Note that for configurations, the processor on the Google pixel slate can get up to a core TM i7 processor.

Pricing for the Google pixel slate goes from 600 dollars to 1,600 dollars.

Though tablets on featured on this list of iPad alternatives 2018 do not have matching specifications with 2018 iPad, they can get your attention of the thought of having an iPad for a while, in the absence of any iPad in sight.

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