How To Delete Your Instagram Account

Being a social network, Instagram does a very good in bringing people together via pictures uploaded. Users are exposed to millions of photos uploaded by users all over the world. Users are also able to keep up with celebrities, via pictures update.

Though Instagram sounds like a lot of fun, there comes a time when you might desire to go off Instagram for a lot of reasons. Reasons which may include harassment, identity theft and many other issues. If you desire to delete your Instagram account, this article will guide you.

how to delete your instagram account

This article contains a list of steps you should follow in deleting your Instagram account permanently. Before you delete your Instagram account, You must understand the Implications of deleting your Instagram account. The implications are listed below

Implications of Deleting Your Instagram Account

  1. you won’t be able to access your Instagram account
  2. You will lose all your Instagram followers
  3. you will no longer receive any Instagram notifications
  4. your Instagram account will no longer be available to other Instagram users
  5. All your Instagram photos will be lost

Since you have understood the implications of deleting your Instagram account, we can now proceed to the tutorial on how to delete your Instagram account. All the steps listed below should be followed carefully.

Note: Instagram accounts can only be deleted from Instagram web version. You cannot delete Instagram accounts from the app.

How To Delete Your Instagram Account 

  1. Logon to Instagram account delete page via this Link
  2. Input your Instagram login details
  3. Select Your reason for deleting your account
  4. click on delete account and your account will be deleted

With the steps listed above, deleting your Instagram account won’t be a problem, just follow the steps listed above. As a reminder, Read the implications of deleting your Instagram account carefully before you go ahead with the process.


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