How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel | Using Airtel Me2U service

There comes a time in the life of a Nigerian airtel subscriber, where he or she wishes to share airtime with a friend or family. This may be for different reasons. Luckily enough, Airtel actually has a service that takes care of this. Airtel Me2U service, is a service designed by Airtel, to allow subscribers share Airtime to friends and family using the Airtel network.

How to transfer airtime on airtel

In this article, you are going to learn how to set up the Airtel Me2U service, and how to send Airtime on the Airtel network. Please Note that in sharing airtime, both parties must be on the Airtel network, it impossible for an MTN or any other subscriber to send Airtime to an Airtel subscriber and vice versa.

Note: Transferring airtime using the Me2U service, requires a setup a password, in order to ensure a safe transaction.

How To Setup / Change Airtel Me2U Password On Airtel Network

On default, your Airtel Me2U password is set as 1234. Airtel subscribers are advised to change the default password, to something else, in order to avoid pilfering by friends. The steps taking to create this new password is listed below

  1. Open your text message app
  2. Send a text in the format  PIN OLD PIN NEW PIN to 432. Take for instance your new password is 4006, your message will be in this form ” PIN 1234 4006”, to be sent to 432

How To Transfer Airtime on Airtel Using Airtel Me2U Service

  1. Dial *166*Amount*Airtel Number#
  2. Select the send Airtime option
  3. Input your password and press ok

Note: Apart from dialing USSD codes, you can also send Airtime, by sending a special message to 432.  Simply send 2u Space Phone Number Space Amount Space Password to 432. For example, I want to send 1000 Naira airtime to my friend whose phone number is 07045678282 using my 1234 password.  My text will be in this format 2u 07045678282 1234

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The procedure described above should be followed when Transfering Airtime from one Airtel subscriber to another.

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