How To Use Spotify in Nigeria

Despite the demand, there are a lot of services not available in Nigeria.  This is due to to a lot of discriminating factors. One of such services is Spotify. The Spotify app isn’t possible to Nigerians. You won’t find the Spotify app on the Google PlayStore if you are using Google PlayStore in Nigeria. Nevertheless, there are methods you can use to get the Spotify app in Nigeria. This article contains a tutorial on how to use the Spotify app in to use spotify in Nigeria

How To Use Spotify In Nigeria

Spotify has both a mobile version, as well as a desktop version. This tutorial covers tutorials on how to use Spotify in Nigeria using your computer and using your mobile device.

How To Use Spotify in Nigeria, Using Your Mobile Devices 

  1. Download a VPN app: VPN ( virtual private network) Apps, are apps that help us login into internet servers from other countries. Since Spotify is not available to Nigerians, the logical thing to do will be to use a VPN app. This VPN app will help us use the internet servers of countries that are supported by Spotify. i.e you use your VPN app to log in to united states internet servers.
  2. Get A United States credit card:  This step isn’t compulsory at all. Spotify offers a free mode that allows users to listen to songs for free, but you will be served audio adverts at intervals. Getting a united states credit card is very easy. You can download the barter app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Barter apps allow you to fund virtual united states account using your Nigerian account. This way you will be able to pay for Spotify services directly from Nigeria.
  3. Download Spotify From The Google PlayStore: After downloading your VPN app, you should proceed to turn the connecting the VPN app and selecting United States internet services. With this connection, you will able to download the Spotify app from the Google PlayStore or Apple store. All you need to do is to search for the Spotify app and click install.

How To Use Spotify in Nigeria, Using Your Computer

Using Spotify in Nigeria via your computer requires steps similar to the ones outlined in the mobile section. All you need to do is to download a VPN network software, like HOLA VPN, download barter from the Google PlayStore or Apple store and setup up a United States credit card. Finally, download Spotify software for either Windows or MAC and start enjoying Spotify services for free.

How To Use Spotify In Nigeria For Free

Using Spotify services for free is a very easy thing to do. All it requires is for you to download the app, fill in your particulars and start using the app. Paying a premium for the Spotify app isn’t compulsory unless you cannot deal with the constant audio adverts that will be played at intervals. Yes, using Spotify for free, Spotify will serve you audio adverts, that will play immediately, between tracks. Songs will be interrupted.

Using Spotify in Nigeria is a straightforward thing to do, that’s if you read through this article on how to use Spotify in Nigeria. Now that you have understood the whole process, you can go ahead to stream your favorite songs.

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