How to Swap Phones in Pointek Retail Stores : Procedures & Conditions

Being a gadget freak who keeps up with the latest technological trend, being able to swap my old gadgets for new ones is priceless. As you purchase new gadgets, you are certainly going to have to do away with your old ones. Most people opt for selling their old gadgets, before or after they purchase new ones. But being able to swap them for new ones, is a lot better. A lot of retail companies have begun embracing this form of trade. Pointek is an example of such a company. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to swap phones in Pointek Retail stores. Here we explore the procedures and the conditions.

How to swap phones in Pointek

In case you didn’t know before now, Pointek is a gadget retail store, that does business online and offline, similar to Slot and other similar companies. Pointek has an online retail store, where customers can order gadgets and get them delivered offline. However, the process of swapping your old gadgets for new ones is entirely offline. You would have to walk into a Pointek store, to swap your Gadgets for new ones.

Note: Apart from swapping old phones for new ones, you can also swap your old phones for cash, in Pointek stores.

How To Swap Phones In Pointek Stores

Swapping Phones in Pointek stores, you would have to go through some certain procedures.

  1. You are required to take your smartphone, to one the accredited Pointek stores
  2. Submit your phone to be evaluated for faults and  Authenticity
  3. Wait for the verdict and discuss the swap

As earlier mentioned, Pointek allows you to swap your old phones for a new one, or for cash. Below we discuss the two scenarios.

Trading in Your Phone For A New One:  The process is as easy as read. You have an old phone, that you wish to swap for a new one. You can take your smartphone to a supported Pointek store, after which your phone will be valued and then the swapping business will be discussed, you will be told how much you are to add to your old phone, to get a new one.

Trade in Your Smartphone For Cash: Process is almost similar to the former. Here you take your smartphone to a Pointek store, it gets valued and then an agreement is reached, after which you will give the cash for your phone.

Note: Not all Pointek stores currently swap phones. Below is a list of Pointek branches that already run Phone Swap.

Pointek Branches Where You Can Swap Phone

• 6, Simbiat Abiola road, opposite computer village, Ikeja Lagos OR call: 01-29-34872

• Shop L28 Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja Lagos OR call: 08077416346

• Shop 13, Delta Mall Effurun road, Delta state OR call: 08077678113

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to swap phones in Pointek. if you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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