How To Activate 9Mobile Free Whatsapp Chat Package

Dishing out promo packages / extremely low tariffs isn’t a 9Mobile thing If you ask me. We have heard of other telecommunication networks like Airtel launch a lot of budget-friendly packages and freebies but for 9Mobile the news is a bit different. With this free WhatsApp chat package, it seems 9Mobile is about to turn a new leave. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to activate 9Mobile free Whatsapp chat.

9Mobile Free whatsapp chat

The 9Mobile Free Whatsapp chat package helps 9Mobile subscribers reserve the data usually spent on WhatsApp, for use on other tasks.

Understanding How This Package Works

The 9Mobile Free Whatsapp chat Package is open to all 9Mobile subscribers. The condition here is that you must have a data plan running. This package only works when you have purchased internet data from 9Mobile.

This  Free Whatsapp Chat lets you send WhatsApp messages, Send photos and videos via Whatsapp. The only restriction here is that you won’t be able to make Whatsapp voice call or Video call using this package.

How To Activate 9Mobile Free Whatsapp Chat

Activating this Free Whatsapp Chat package on your 9Mobiel line is a free and easy thing to do. It requires you to input a special USSD code on your dialer and then hitting send to initiate the Activation process. To activate 9Mobile Free WhatsApp chat,

  1. Dial *200*3*1# 
  2. Hit Send
  3. begin chatting on WhatsApp for free

Owing to the fact that Whatsapp messaging has become a norm in the life of many today, being able to do it for free, without having to burn your data, is highly appreciated, and that’s what 9Mobile has achieved using this special Package. Please don’t forget the terms and conditions outlined above. Before you can benefit from this package, you must be a 9Mobile subscriber, who currently has data bundle on his or her line. 

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how How To Activate 9Mobile Free Whatsapp Chat Package. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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