How to Swap A Phone in Carlcare : Steps and Conditions

Being able to swap your old phones for new ones, is a very effective way to circulate new devices in the market. This way users do not have to bother on how to sell their old phones or bother on how to raise the complete funds to get a new phone. Phone manufacturers in the USA and other top technological Nations have adopted this method of circulating new devices. Thanks to thoughtful thinking, Transsion holdings, the manufacturers of Infinix, Tecno and Itel have brought this system to Nigeria. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to swap a phone in Carlcare.

How to Swap A Phone in Carlcare

Transsion holdings, with the help of Carlcare, now lets people swap their old phones for new smartphones. Smartphones will be replaced with any of the smartphones from the Transsion brand. It’s either a Tecno Infinix or an Itel Phone. Before we dive into the tutorial proper, here is a list of smartphones, Carlcare accepts for the swap.

Lists of Phones You Can Bring For Swapping 

  •  Infinix Phones
  •  Tecno Phones
  •  ITel Phones
  •  GIONEE Phones
  • Samsung Phones
  •  iPhone
  •  OPPO
  •  Vivo
  •  Huawei Phones
  •  Xiaomi Phones

List of Phones You Can Swap To

As mentioned earlier, Swapping phones in Carlcare, you will be presented with smartphones manufactured by Transsion holdings. These phones are listed below.

• TECNO Phones
• INFINIX Phones
• iTel Phones

Note: When swapping, phones presented as options to upgrade to, won’t go beyond the already listed phone brands. don’t expect Carlcare to swap your old Samsung or Nokia phone for a new Samsung or Oppo device. You are only be able to choose between Tecno or Infinix

How to Swap A Phone in Carlcare

  1. Get your smartphone evaluated by a Carlcare agent
  2. Select your choice device for replacement
  3. Submit an ID for documentation

As clearly stated in the steps on how to swap a phone in Carlcare, is getting your smartphone evaluated, to ascertain if your phone is worthy to be swapped. This means you would have to locate the Carlcare closest to you, to initiate the swap process.

Note: If you can finding it difficult to get the address of the Carlcare closest to you, you can download the Carlcare app. In the app, you will find the Carlcare closest to you. Under the categories with states as the headings.

First, when you get to any of the eligible swapping Carlcare centers, your device will be evaluated to determine its current value; after which, you proceed to select your choice of any available phones and pay the difference.

Conditions and Requirements

In the third step, you would be required to submit documents for documentation. These documents are listed below.

1. Customer ID card: To complete the swap process, You are required to submit an Identity card. The Identity card could be a student ID card, Passport, Drivers license or even PVC. And the ID card name must be the same with your bank account details.

2. A Photograph Of Yourself:  You may also be required to take a photo, which will be stored for future reference

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to swap a phone in Carlcare. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


  1. Hello, can I swap my tecno camon 11 to a current phone. But am currently in the UK and the phone is with sister in Nigeria.

  2. I bought infinix Note 8i on Saturday 8/5/21 and I discovered that the front camera is just 8mp and it doesn’t meet up with what I want. I took it to car/care office in Baale street boundary and he said I should pay #75,000 different to get Note 8 instead of Note 8i. I was wondering how can I buy Note 8i #85,000 and Note 8 is #92,000 then I will pay #75,000 as different while I have not even use the phone. The man said is the instructions given to them. I have been planning to go to Ikeja to know if really is the instructions given to them. So please how much do I suppose to pay as the difference?

    • The price difference is really absurd no doubts. It doesn’t sound like what Carlcare should be offering. I suggest you check another Carlcare center.

  3. Pls can I get canon12 or 11 in place of my tekno spark5 is still under warranty,if not how much do I add to get it
    Pls also list fore the phone I can swap with the spark5 without adding money Incase if I want to swapp it,can I get iPhone or htc

  4. Procedures and fees needed to swap my broken itel a14plus to tecno paviour 4?

    And what the highest and lowest fee paid for swapping?


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