How To Share Data on MTN : MTN DATA gifting

I have got a lot to do online and I do not have data. I wish hotspot connectivity works over a long distance.” You probably have had this conversation with a friend or a loved family member. There are times when we desire to share data with friends and family far from us, but cannot since family and friends that are too far off to get hotspot signal from our devices. Well, this is where MTN Data gifting comes into the equation. In this article, you will learn how to share data on MTN, using MTN data gifting service.

how to share data on MTN

The MTN Data gifting service let MTN subscribers share data with other MTN subscribers, without using Hotspot. Distance isn’t a barrier here.

How Does MTN Data Gifting Work?

MTN Data Gifting is a very straight forward service, as mentioned earlier, it lets you share your data without using Hotspot. Here is a list of things to note about MTN Data Gifting

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  • MTN Data Gifting involves sharing your data bundle with friends and family. Data used by friends are family will be deducted from your data bundle
  • Friends and family gain access to your entire data bundle
  • You can only share your data with a maximum of 5 persons
  • You cannot share the data gifted to you
  • No hidden charges


Now that you have understood how MTN Data Gifting works, you can proceed to use the service via the steps listed below:

How To Share Data on MTN

  1. Registering on MTN Data Gifting: Dial *131*2*1# or Send REG to 131, to register on the MTN Data Gifting service
  2. Creating a Unique Password: Dial *131*2*5# To Create a new MTN Data Gifting password. Please note that your default Pin is 000 and you will need to change the password, the make the service secure.
  3. Adding Beneficiaries: Dial *131*2*3# or textphone numbers to 131, to add the numbers you intend on sharing data with.
  4. Share Data: Dial *131*2*3# to begin sharing data.

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Note: MTN Data Gifting a free service, you won’t be charged an extra fee for enrolling beneficiaries.

I sincerely hope the process of sharing data on MTN has been demystified. If you have any questions concerning this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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