Glo Amebo Code : How To Migrate To Glo Amebo Plan

Amebo you too talk. Yes ooo. Amebo in Pidgin means a person who likes to gossip, a person who talks a lot. Similar to Glo Yakata Glo Amebo is a Glo plan that caters to the needs of people who make a lot of calls is part of their daily routine. In this article, we look at the Glo Amebo code and how to migrate to the Glo Amebo plan.

Glo Amebo Migration Code

Benefits of Glo Amebo Plan

Being a plan is designed for people who make a lot of calls daily. It is a plan that suits business owners, a busy mum with kids at home in need of supervision, love birds who just can’t get enough of each other e.t.c. The list goes on and on. It is a plan designed for enthusiasts in search of cheap call rates.

The main reason the Glo Amebo plan suits the already mentioned category of persons is the fact that the Glo Amebo plan offers 5x bonus on recharge.

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When you recharge 100 Naira worth of airtime, you get 500 Naira airtime for calls, which is 5x the bonus of your recharge. Recharge 200 Naira worth of airtime and get 1000 Naira worth of Airtime. You grab the logic right. It’s all about offering you 5x your recharge.

How Does The Glo Amebo Plan Work?

Glo Amebo plan is activated on recharge. You are offered 5 times the worth of your recharge in bonus. Below is a table that describes how the bonus is accumulated:

S/N Recharge Amount Main Account (N) 5X Bonus account (N) Bonus Validity (Days)
1 100 Naira 0 500 Naira 14 Days
2 200 Naira 0 1000 Naira 14 Days
3 500 Naira 0 2,500 Naira 30 Days
4 1000 Naira 0 5,000 Naira 30 Days


Note that the Glo Amebo bonus balance isn’t added to your main account. If you had zero Naira in your main account before initiating the plan, your main account balance remains the same. Calls made will be charged from the Glo Amebo Bonus account.

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Below is a table that indicates describes the call rates, SMS cost and cost of data on the Glo Amebo Plan.

Local calls to All Networks 60k/sec
Calls to 5 Int’l destinations (US, UK(Fixed), India, China & Canada) 60k/sec
SMS to All local Networks N20/SMS
Data/Browsing N5/MB

Glo Amebo Code: How To Migrate to Glo Amebo

The Glo Amebo Plan is activated on recharge. In other to activate the Glo Amebo 5x bonus, you are required to recharge with a special code.

The Glo Amebo Migration code is a special recharge PIN. In order to get the Glo Amebo 5x bonus, use *555* the recharge card pin# as the format when recharging your Glo line.


How To Check Glo Amebo Bonus Balance

As mentioned earlier, the Glo Amebo bonus doesn’t appear in your main Glo account balance, rather it appears in a special bonus balance account.

To check Glo Amebo balance, simply dial #555*5# and your bonus balance will be revealed.

There you have it – you have just being walked through the Glo Amebo code and how to Migrate to Glo Amebo plan. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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