How To Create a Clickbank Account in Nigeria and Other Countries

Enter one of the most reputable affiliate marketing platforms in the world. Clickbank an affiliate marketing platform that has over the years proven to be a green pasture for both entrepreneurs and affiliates who both share a graving desire to make money. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria.

The fact that you are reading this article, shows that you tried registering/creating a Clickbank account in Nigeria and faced the hindrance that goes with the process of registering as a Nigerian. Am happy to announce to you that there is a back door. Here you will learn about the channel to get this done. The whole process is a seamless work over.

How to create a clickbank account in Nigeria

The procedure that will be proffered in this article is liable to other countries do not have the Clickbank reach, as the procedure entails creating an identity with particulars from a supported country. Without further ado lets jump into the tutorial.

Creating a Clickbank Account in Nigeria 

The inability of Nigerians and other certain countries to register on Clickbank is sort of related to a lack of support for those countries. In other to buy pass this, we will need to acquire the identity of any of the supported countries.

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There are numerous ways to get these virtual identities. One of them is employing the services of Graph card. I will show you how to create a Clickbank account in Nigeria using Graph card.

Graphcard is one of the easiest methods to get an American identity, which can be used to register on Clickbank. The process is led by a couple of steps.

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Once registered on, you will be provided the particulars pertaining to an American. This includes an American virtual address, phone number. You also be able to use a Visa Card alongside. However, this service will cost you $5 which translates to about 1,918.45 Naira. Follow the steps outlined below to use create a Clickbank account in Nigeria using graph card.

  1. Logon to and create an account
  2. fund your account using a virtual terminal network (VTN) (You can fund your VTN account by paying into VTN Nigerian bank accounts after which you can transfer your VTN funds to Graphcard, so as to pay for your virtual address)
  3. now proceed to to register with the identity particulars graph card given to you. (you are advised to fill everything accordingly as provided by graph card)

Please be aware that creating a click bank account from Nigeria using American identity, means you may have to succumb to some of the financial laws that apply to Americans, which include taxes.

In this light, you can also make use of UK VPN service and a fake identity generator, however, this combo isn’t as legit as what you will get with Graph.

Another alternative method will be to make use of your friend or family’s address and account details if the person lives in Clickbank supported countries like the UK. This way you don’t have to bother about paying for services like the ones offered by Graph card. 

wrapping up 

The process of opening a ClickBank account in Nigeria as well as other unsupported countries aren’t straight forward as you might have observed, you have to make use of hacks like the ones discussed in the article. However, you shouldn’t be dismayed.

You are required to use any of the methods discussed in this article on how to create a ClickBank account in Nigeria. as you are assured of success as long as you follow the steps in the right order.


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