How to cancel auto Renewal on Airtel

Let’s say your last subscription was the Airtel 1GB for 200 Naira plan, opting for the auto-renewal gives Airtel the right to automatically re-subscribe for you when you have up to 200 Naira in your Airtel account. However, if you desire to opt-out of this auto-renewal service, here is a tutorial on how to cancel auto renewal on Airtel.

Most telecom network providers usually provide subscribers with bonuses when they set the auto-renewal service.

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This is one of the major reasons many people opt for the auto-renewal service. In this telecoms tutorial, you will learn how to cancel auto renewal as an Airtelsubscriber, saving you from unwanted subscriptions.

How to cancel Auto renewal on Airtel

There are different methods to go about disabling auto renewal on Airtel. This method will be discussed here, providing you with comprehensive steps you should follow, to get it done.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal on Airtel Via SMS

  1. Open the text message app on your Smartphone
  2. Create a new message
  3.  simply send STOP to 141

Cancel Auto-Renewal By Contacting Airtel Customer Care

  1. Open the dialer app on your mobile phone
  2. Call 111
  3. Tell the customer care representative you desire to cancel auto-renewal on your Airtel line

Cancel Auto-Renewal Via Airtel’s Twitter Handle

Airtel is one of those telecommunication networks that are very active on social media. Airtel subscribers can reach out to Airtel via their Twitter hand and lay complaints or ask for help on a particular challenge. The required steps are outlined below.

  1. Open twitter on your device ( Via the app or Website)
  2. Search for the Airtel_care account with a  verified badge
  3. Send a direct message (DM) stating your challenge and also providing your phone number

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There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to cancel Auto renewal on Airtel. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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