How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk | Get ₦350 When You Load ₦100

From time to time, we see telecommunication companies churning out special plans that offer bonuses to their subscribers. It is an initiative that has over the years kept its subscribers and also attracted new ones. The MTN Beta Talk plan is one of such initiatives. Here you will learn how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk.

The MTN Beta Talk Plan offers MTN subscribers a %250 bonus on every airtime purchase worth 100 naira and above, while airtime recharge less than 100 Naira attracts a %150 bonus.

Benefits Of MTN Beta Talk Plan

  1. You get a 250% bonus on every recharge from 100 Naira and above.
  2.  National calls, SMS, and PayG Data are charged from your bonus.
  3. Free 10MB data bonus on the first recharge of the month

Please note that the call rate on the MTN Beta Talk plan is  42k/s

Who Is Eligible To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk?

According to the information provided at, all MTN subscribers are eligible to migrate to this plan. Both old and new subscribers can easily migrate to this plan. It doesn’t matter the plan you are currently subscribed to. All it requires is for you to dial the necessary migration codes and you are home and dry.

How To Migrate To MTN Beta Talk 

Migrating to any MTN Tariff plan is actually one of the easiest things to do. It was created to help subscribers make speedy migrations. To migrate to the MTN Beta talk plan simply dial *123*2*1# or send BT to 131

How To Check Your MTN Beta Talk Bonus Balance

Checking the your MTN Bonus is also another simple process that requires you to type a single line of code. To check your MTN Beta Talk bonus balance, simply dial *556#

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There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk. If you have any questions or any contributions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We will do our best to respond swiftly.


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