How To Enable Dark Mode on Tecno Smartphones

Dark mode has over the years grown to become a very essential software feature on smartphones. This is due to the role it plays in damping the effect of the bright light that comes from our smartphones. Tecno has also imbibed dark mode feature, making it available on their smartphones. This article covers a tutorial on how to enable dark mode on Tecno smartphones.

Tecno’s dark mode feature made its first debut with the Tecno Camon 15. The fact that smartphones in the Tecno canon 15 series debuted as the first Tecno smartphones to run the HiOS 6.0, shows that this dark mode feature started with the HIOS 6.0 and is expected to continue with the future HiOS updates.

As already discussed in the introductory paragraph, Dark mode helps reduce the effect of the bright light that comes from our smartphone screens. Having this on Tecno smartphones means enthusiasts who will own Tecno devices running the HIOS 6.0 and higher won’t have to bother much about stressing their eyes in the dark.

Enable Dark Mode on Tecno Smartphones Running 

Enable Dark Mode on your Tecno smartphone running HiOS 6.0 or higher;

  • Swipe down the notification shade and tap on the dark theme icon


Launch the Settings apps, search for dark theme, and then enable it.

How To activate dark mode on the Tecno camon 15 series

The steps to enable dark mode are very minimal as its a very easy process. It’s as easy as enabling and disabling any feature on the notification shade.

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Wrapping Up

I am very pumped you won’t want to deserve. It brings a lot of software aesthetics desire to life. Apps that support this dark mode will be discovered as you download and install the apps.

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