How To Check My Current Airtel Tariff Plan

A Tariff plan can be described as a system that categorizes the call rates and bonuses a telecommunication network offers. It helps the customer settle down quickly. Airtel provides a wide range of tariff plans tailored for different customers. This article contains a tutorial on how to check your current Airtel tariff plan, which will help you in making your next migration decision.

How to check my current airtel tariff plan

New Airtel subscribers and subscribers who haven’t migrated before are placed on a default tariff plan. So before taking that step to migrating to a new tariff plan, it is imperative you make enquires about the benefits that your current tariff plan offers. Here you will know if it offers he needed call rates and bonuses or if you will need to migrate.

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This procedure to know your current tariff plan also comes in handy in scenarios where you must have forgotten the tariff plan you are subscribed to or in scenarios where you mistakenly migrated via a pop-up ad that was served to you by Airtel.

How To Check Your Current Airtel Tariff Plan

  1. Dial *121#
  2. select the third option
  3. Select the 5th option (My Tariff plan) and your current Airtel tariff plan will be displayed.

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Now that you have learnt how to check your current Airtel Tariff plan you are advised to make research to know the benefits that tariff plan offers, so as to know if you should migrate or remain. If you have any questions as regards what was discussed, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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