How To Protect Your Whatsapp Account From Hackers Using Two Factor Authentication

Your internet security has never been this threatened! Nowadays, hacked WhatsApp accounts have become a normal thing. The fact that you are currently reading this article on how to protect your Whatsapp account from hackers using two factor authentication, is a pointer to the fact that you are aware that Whatsapp hacking is real.

The fact that Whatsapp can be hacked came as a shock to me as Whatsapp is a Simcard based social media texting app, unlike Facebook, where anyone can log in with your username and password. WhatsApp instead is based on sim cards and phone numbers and ideally, the only way anybody should be able to hack your WhatsApp is by physical access to your smartphone, or if your sim card is stolen.

Ever since the introduction of the WhatsApp web, the number of hacks has significantly increased. In response to this plight, Whatsapp put in place measures in an attempt to curb these incessant hacks.

Users are required to scan a special barcode to gain access to the Whatsapp web platform Scanning this barcode creates a link between the Whatsapp web and the Whatsapp app on your mobile device.

To make the whole process more secure, Whatsapp also developed a special two factor authentication system that further helps in preventing hacks.

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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

It is a security feature that potentially increases your account security to 99.99%. Making it sort of impossible to hack. It is an added layer of security, besides your normal account password.

Basically, when turned on for WhatsApp, anytime someone tries to add your number to WhatsApp, with or without your consent, you will be asked for a six-digit pin (2fa unlock code)..without this code, even if you lose your phone, no one can make use of your WhatsApp.
want to test it out?

Here’s How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication on Whatsapp

  1. Launch the WhatsApp app on your device.

2. Navigate to  SETTINGS.

3. Enter Accounts.

4. Go to “two-step verification”.

How To Protect Your Whatsapp Account from hackers

Input a 6-digit pin, and confirm it.

How To Protect Your Whatsapp Account from hackers

You will be asked to add an Email, so that you can recover the password in case you forget it.

Once it is activated, WhatsApp will randomly lock itself and require you to input the password. Also whenever you update or change phones you will be required to input the password.

Wrapping Up

The need to protect your social media accounts from hackers cannot be overemphasized. Your conversations are personal and as such they need to be protected. It was, for this reason, this article on how to protect your Whatsapp account from hackers using Two-factor authentication was created. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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