How To Use Instagram’s Support Small Business Sticker To Boost Your Business

The phrase “Advertise businesses” has over the years grown to become synonymous with social media platforms like Instagram. The Instagram advert service has over the years showed to be very effective in boosting business publicity. This article contains a comprehensive tutorial on how to use Instagram’s support small business sticker to boost your business.

Fast forward to today, Instagram is offering a free service that allows business owners to get more reach on their products posted. As you already grabbed from the title, this service is built into the Instagram Support business sticker.

How Does The Instagram Support Small Business Sticker Work?

The mechanism behind this service is pretty much very simple. Using the Support small business stickers on posts made on your stories automatically adds those posts to a separate story, which all your followers can see. This sticker also gives a briefing of the products you sell, which is thanks to its 3 layered thumbnails.

Instagram Support Small Business Sticker

How To Use Instagram’s Support Small Business Sticker

One thing you must know is that this sticker is applied the exact way you apply other stickers. Due to the fact that it’s a new sticker, you are advised to update your Instagram app before you proceed to use this service. You can proceed to apply the procedure listed below after updating your Instagram app.

How To Use Instagram's Support Small Business Sticker

To use the Instagram Support small business sticker;

  1. Upload a photo of your product to your stories
  2. Click on the sticker Icon
  3. Look for the Small business sticker
  4. Proceed to upload the story you just created

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Wrapping Up

The Instagram support small business sticker may not replace the premium Instagram ads service, but its good provision for small businesses that can’t afford to continuously run ads. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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