How To Convert Airtime to Cash Easily and Fast Without Stress

Have you ever tried to transfer money and mistakenly recharged your line? Or tried to buy airtime but bought more than intended? If you have, this is for you. I’m sure you might I’ve wondered, “what am I going to do with this extra cash? Or even, how do I get my cashback?” Well, it’s possible. This article covers a tutorial on how to convert airtime to cash easily.

How To Convert Airtime 

You can convert airtime to cash using the Recharge2cash app, Airtimeflip app, Zoranga, Aimtoget, Cheetahpay e.t.c The steps to using these apps to convert airtime to cash are outlined below:

1. Recharge2cash

How To Convert Airtime to Cash


Recharge2Cash makes it possible for you to convert your airtime to money deposited into your bank account.

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How to use: 

  •  Open Recharge2Cash and click Convert Airtime
  • Type your number and airtime amount
  • Click Review Request
  • You will see a phone number you should transfer the airtime to. Send it there
  • Return to the app and click submit.

Note: Your wallet will be funded within 5 – 15 minutes, then you can withdraw into your bank account. Also, You can also subscribe to data on your MTN, Airtel, Glo, and 9Mobile line.

2. Airtimeflip

How To Convert Airtime to CashAirtimeflip is a straight forward app, that allows you to convert your airtime to cash within 3-15 minutes.

How to use

  • After downloading the app, open, and register.
  • Click on deposit and select the network you’re transferring from.
  • After you’ve deposited into the app, you can now withdrawal to your bank account.

3. Zoranga

Zoranga is an app that enables you to convert airtime of any network to cash. You can also buy airtime & data of any network at very cheap rates using this App.

How to use

  • Download the app from your play store.
  • Open the app and register.
  • Click on the deposit option and select via transfer.
  • To withdraw, click on the transfer option and you can transfer to your bank account.

4. Aimtoget

Aimtoget is an app that does much more than just convert airtime to cash. You can now purchase airtime reliably, purchase data at affordable rates, swap airtime, pay bills using airtime, make online payments with airtime and a lot more
With Aimtoget Transact, You can do the following:

  • Convert Airtime To Cash
  • Transfer Funds
  • Purchase Airtime
  • Purchase Data
  • Pay Bills
  • Swap Airtime

5. Cheetahpay

How To Convert Airtime to Cash
How to use Cheetahpay App to convert your airtime to cash

  •  Download and install this app
  •  Launch the app, sign up
  • Deposit your airtime by selecting “Pin Deposit” (if you haven’t loaded the airtime on the recharge card) or “Airtime Transfer” if the airtime is already loaded on your phone.
  • Follow the direction on the app to complete the deposit process
  • Wait a few minutes for it to be confirmed and refresh your page by clicking on the refresh button.
  • Your Cheetahpay balance will reflect your deposit value as soon as it confirmed.
  • Request for withdrawal and wait for your bank alert within a few minutes.

Note: Airtime converted cash is not always the exact amount. A transaction fee (which is a small percent) is usually deducted.

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wrapping up

With all sincerity, I hope this article on how to convert airtime to cash was very comprehensive and easy to understand for you. However, if you have any questions as regards this tutorial, do well to let us know in the comment section below.


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