How To Create A PSN Account in Nigeria and Other unsupported Countries

Creating a PSN (Playstation Network) Account gives Playstion console owners access to a bunch of facilities, the chief of them is being able to purchase and download games from the PlayStation store. However, there list of countries without support for PSN account creation. Hence the need for this comprehensive tutorial on how to create a verified PSN account in Nigeria and other unsupported countries

One of the countries void of support for PSN account creation is Nigeria. This has pushed many Playstation owners in Nigeria and other unsupported countries to subscribe to using CD plates or paying for the service of PSN account owners to get games installed on their console, Which without a doubt is inconveniencing for many.

How To Create A PSN Account in Nigeria

Being in a PSN unsupported country isn’t the end of the world actually. There is actually a method that allows Playstation owners to bypass barriers to getting their own PSN account. This method is discussed below.

How To Create A Verified PSN Account in Nigeria and unsupported Countries. 

Opening a PSN account with Nigerian details is totally impossible as Nigeria falls in the list of countries that are unsupported by this service.

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So in order to use this service, enthusiasts must use a different identity, which is more of an IP change. Follow the steps outlined below to create a verified PSN account in Nigeria and other unsupported countries.

  1. Download a VPN app on your smartphone
  2. Select  United States IP
  3. Turn on your hotspot
  4. Connect your PlayStation to the hotspot created on your smartphone
  5. Proceed to create your PSN Account
  6. Select the United States as your states of origin
  7. Select a state (States like Florida, Northern California, Alabama and Oregon are highly recommended as they do not require you pay any tax)
  8. Insert ZIP code (You are required to search google for the ZIP code of the state chosen)
  9. Skip the part that asks you to input a credit card method.
  10. Registration has been completed

Wrapping up

You are strongly advised to get your personal PSN Account because the need for it just got a boost. The newly released PlayStation 5 doesn’t have a CD ROM, this means gamers will have to get games digitally and this is achievable only with a PSN account.

If you have any questions as regards this tutorial on how to create a PSN account in Nigeria, do well to drop them in the comment section below.


  1. after registering, if am at any time logging in I should turn on my VPN and put the country as US, or I can just login using the Nigeria local network?

  2. Please guys I really need your help
    I have a ps4 but in Nigeria and I need to play games online and I need an account and a credit card account.
    But I have a credit card account but when I try to add it to my ps4 it tells me it’s not valid.
    Only what I need is how to add a credit card account and a correct psn account
    Please guys


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