How to Migrate to 9Mobile More Cliq + Benefits

The 9Mobile More Cliq Tariff plan was designed to give you more value for your airtime. You get to make more calls with the same airtime volume, which is thanks to its cheap call rates. This article covers a tutorial on how to migrate/activate 9Mobile more Cliq.

This tariff plan packs in features that make it one of the goto tariff plans for 9mobile subscribers. The chief of its features is the 20 k/sec call rate it offers for Cliq to Cliq lines, which appears to be one of the cheapest call rates on 9mobile.

How to migrate to 9Mobile More Cliq

Aside from providing cheap call rates or Cliq to Cliq calls, the 9Mobile Cliq package also offers a generally reduced call rate that affects 9Mobile to 9Mobile calls and also calls to other networks. below is an outline of the benefits of this 9Mobile tariff plan:

Benefits Of More Cliq Tariff Plan

  • 150% bonus on every recharge is available to all new More Cliq subscribers, to call networks.
  • 20 k/sec call rate when calling Cliq lite numbers after use up to  ₦25 Airtime in a day
  • 25 k/sec call rate when calling other 9Mobile lines after use up to ₦25 Airtime in a day
  • 30 k/sec call rate when calling other networks after use up to ₦25 Airtime in a day
  • Free midnight calls between the hours of 12:30 am – 4:30 am

How Does 9Mobile More Cliq Tariff Plan Work?

As illustrated under the benefits heading, the 9Mobile More Cliq Tariff plan offers different call rates to call different types of numbers. It charges 20 k/secs to call Cliq lite numbers, 25k / secs to call other 9mobile lines, and 30k /secs to call other networks. The condition for enjoying this low call rate is that you must have spent at least ₦25 on calls in a day. The bonus kicks off after the ₦25 mark.

9Mobile developed a special system that lets 9mobile subscribers tell if other subscribers are on the More Cliq plan, which in turn gives them the assurance that they can get the low call rate that is associated with Cliq to Cliq lines.

The One-Click one time services tell the subscriber is on this plan. To tell if your friend is on the More Cliq plan, simply dial *273* friends number#

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Cliq 4 d day & Cliq 4 d week

The More Cliq tariff plan also offers mini daily and weekly packages that meet more needs. It offers a Cliq-4-d-day plan which lets you make calls at 20k/secs to all 9Mobile lines with a daily access fee of ₦5 which will be deducted from your account ones initiated.

To subscribe to the Cliq 4 d day plan, kindly dial *330*1#. Aside from the 20k/sec call rate, you also enjoy free 1MB daily & 20k/sec to call five international destinations (US, UK landlines, Canada, India & China.

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It also offers a Cliq 4 d week plan. In this plan, subscribers are required to purchase up to 100 Naira airtime during the week. After which they will be awarded 5MB and 100 naira airtime bonus and 10MB later.

Recharging 200 Naira offers 15MB and free midnight calls between the hours of 12:30 am – 4:30 am. This plan is available on default to all 9Mobile More Cliq subscribers.

How To Migrate To 9Mobile More Cliq Tariff Plan

Migrating to this plan can be done either through a single line o USSD code or by sending a special text to 9Mobile.

To migrate to 9Mobile more Cliq:

  • Dial *244*1#


  • Dial 200 and press 2

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There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to Migrate to 9Mobile More Cliq. If you have any contributions or questions, do well to drop them in the comment section below.


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