Gotv Jolli Full Channel List and Price in Nigeria (Monthly / Yearly)

The GotV Jolli package is unarguably one of the most popular GoTV packages. It packs in a generous number of exciting channels targeted at enthusiasts in search of a cable TV package that offers great value for the money. This article covers the GotTV Jolli full channel list and price in Nigeria.

for starters, the GoTV Jolli package offers a total sum of 83 channels, broken down into categories that include Novellas, Documentary, Lifestyle & Education, General Entertainment, Sports, Audio, Kids & Teens, Religion, News & Commerce, Movies, local channels, and Nigerian channels only on Govt.

GoTV Jolli Channel List and Price

From the aforementioned categories of channels offered on this GoTV package, one can quickly deduce that GoTV made substantial efforts in making the Jolli package an entertaining one. Honorable mention to the GoTV Jijna package, which is another top-notch package from GoTV.

GoTV Jolli Price in Nigeria

The GoTV Jolli subscription costs 2,460 Naira per month and 29,520 per year.

Gotv Jolli Full Channel List


  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva +
  3. Zee World

General Entertainment

  1. E! Entertainment
  2. FOX
  3. FOX Life
  4. CBS Reality
  5. AfricaMagic Family
  6. AfricaMagic Hausa
  7. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  8. AfricaMagic Igbo
  9. ROK 3
  10. ROK 2
  11. TVC Entertainment
  12. Televista
  13. Trybe TV

Documentary, Lifestyle & Education

  1. Discovery Family
  2. Real-Time
  3. NatGeo Wild
  4. Spice TV


  1. SuperSport Blitz
  2. SELECT Sports 3
  3. SELECT Sports 1
  4. SELECT Sports 2


  1. Naija FM
  2. Wazobia FM

Kids and Teens

  1. Nickelodeon
  2. Disney Junior
  3. Jim Ja
  4. PBS Kids
  5. Da Vinci Kids


  1. Hip TV
  2. MTV Base
  3. AFRO Music English
  4. Sound City
  5. Urban TV


  1. Faith
  2. Islam Channel
  3. Dove TV
  4. Emmanuel TV

News and Commerce

  1. BBC World News
  2. CNN International
  3. Al Jazeera
  4. Arise News


  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. TNT Africa
  3. B4U Movies

Local Channels

  1. ITV Benin
  2. BISCON tv
  3. Liberty TV
  4. Tiwa n Tiwa
  5. R2TV
  6. RAVE
  7. NTA2
  8. NTA Parliament
  9. NTA International
  10. Silverbird
  11. AIT
  12. Channels
  13. Lagos TV
  14. Wazobia TV
  15. Arewa 24
  16. WAP TV

There you have it – The GoTV Jolli full Channel List and Price. All you need do now is pay the subscription fee and proceed to enjoy the package. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Please I can’t find channel 29(big brother naija) in my Jolli package anymore.
    Cause I really need to watch Nigerian idol programme there..

  2. I subscribe gotv jolli but they did not give me the full list of the channels on jolli, no cartoon channels, Disney junior , Nicoledion or Jim jam , no African magic Igbo, no tevevista, no TNT,what going on

  3. l subscribed for gotv jolli but they did not give me the full list of the channels like cartoon channels, Disney junior , Nickelodeon, Jim jam , African magic Igbo, no televista, no TNT. I don’t know if I should go ahead using GOTV.

  4. It’s best you contact GoTVs customer care to solve the irregularity. Via +234 803 904 4688 or you could also visit the nearest GoTV service center.

  5. Please my gotv recently stop showing the following channels in my Joly full package.
    1) Rock 2, Rock 3, African magic Epic, African Magic family, Emmanuel TV, PBS kids, cation network etc . Please help me out


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